Bigg Boss 11: Fans Are SHOCKED With Arshi Khan’s Eviction; They Are Missing Her On The Show!

Arshi Khan was a standout amongst the most questionable contenders in the Bigg Boss 11’s home. As of late, she got dispensed with from the Bigg Boss house, which stunned everybody. Fans adored Arshi’s ‘adaas’ and her method for talking (Urdu words particularly, ‘awaam’ and ‘zillat ke ladoo’). The way she was behind (playing with) Hiten Tejwani, who constantly endeavored to keep up separate from her, influenced everybody to giggle. At first, her fellowship with Shilpa was valued by watchers, however later, her association with Shilpa turned severe! Arshi and Vikas’ Friendship Will Be Missed! Arshi was likewise closest companion to Vikas, who constantly upheld her. The fans additionally nicknamed them ‘ViRshi’. Since she is disposed of, the fans are thinking that its hard to accept. It has been only a day and the fans are as of now missing her on the show! Read the tweets… Sanjana Islam Orthy ‏”We will miss you Arshi ….u r a straight forward young lady .. I extremely like your everything dramatization …Awam se baatey,Shilpa se jhagda ,Hiten n your chemistry,Salman ko sunah na ,Vikas se ruthna ,jaaban ki pakki ,Your captaincy and so on I am going to miss the greater part of this #ArshiKhan #Arshi @BiggBoss.” @bigbosstrol “I m exceptionally frustrated folks on account of #Arshi eviction…..😟😟😟😟😟😟 I m not in disposition to troll anyone..😟😟😟😟😟😟😟. It will require some investment folks… Miss you #ArshiKhan… Ur champ for me…. 😭😭😭😭😭” Sushmita Shekhar Singh “I adore you #ArshiKhan . Kal se bb11 bnd. Bs pehle k scenes dekhege jisme aap the. Aap bhott delightful ho back to front. Aapki hasi infectious h. Aapki grin miss krege stomach muscle. Very much played. God favor you cherish 💓😘” Riya ♀ 🎬 “Gracious my ruler. This video touched my heart!💟This little child is crying like every one of us did when Arshi got evicted!Vikas and Arshi earned such a great amount of adoration from all the age groups❤ I can’t get over this any sooner! #ArshiKhan you will be missed!And inshallah #VikasGupta wins this! #BB11.” @ZehraSpeaks “I really figured Arshi would be in Top 5! Shilpa fans picked Puneesh over Arshi!! So tragic… Puneesh is just utilizing Shilpa as a shield and is doing nothing in the show! #ArshiKhan you will be remembered fondly! #BB11.” @SP_2706 and @pakpassion082 @SP_2706: “Missing #ArshiKhan in the present epi 😖😖#HinaKhan @ColorsTV @BiggBoss #BB11.” @pakpassion082: #ArshiKhan ousted bigg manager will get extremely exhausting. @truthteller_in and @WeSupportHina @truthteller_in: Now #bb11 is going to exhausting. Arshi you will be remembered fondly 🙁 #ArshiKhan awaam adores you. #virshi until the end of time. @WeSupportHina: I m extremely missing #ArshiKhan today 👏👏👏 cherish u #HinaKhan. Madiha Kazi ⚡️ Madiha Kazi ⚡️ stated, “Arshi … I miss you as of now. Such an ENTERTAINER. Expectation we see you soon on screen. Adore you #Bb11 #ArshiKhan.” King Khan 👑 ‏”Kya karogey mehfil jamaakey …#Arshikhan hello thi mehfil ki raani….Sorry @BiggBoss ..No more enthusiasm for this show..Very awful choice of ousting #Arshikhan ..#BringBackArshi #WeWantArshiBack.” Roma ‏”I cried 4 this young lady #ArshiKhan ….she is great from heart and this removal is absolutely disappointing…..nothing left in the show…#PuneeshSharma is most exceedingly terrible player…who the damnation voted 4 him…shocked.. #WeWantArshiBack #BB11 #BiggBoss11.” @Biggbosian “I can hardly imagine how Arshi is gone. I do take after BB religiously, yet this year I improved the situation #ARshi, Hiten, n Vikas. Likewise 4 Shilpa when she was near Arshi. This 4 combo was awesome clever, influenced me to chuckle all the time until the point when Shilpa and ARshi separated because of Akash. Missing u #ArshiKhan.”