Bigg Boss 11 Full-On Masti! Priyank STRIPS In Front Of Hina & Sapna; Hina Beats Luv!

As of late, Bigg Boss 11 challengers played designation undertaking, where the fellowship between the candidates was tried. In the assignment, the competitors needed to give up their most loved thing, to spare their accomplices from selection. We saw Priyank and Akash getting uncovered to spare Hiten and Bandgi, individually. Vikas crushed his coat to spare Shilpa from selection. In any case, nobody approached the huge dramatization that Hina Khan did!! Hina needed to decimate her delicate toy, Pooh, to spare Luv Tyagi from selection. The ‘nautanki’ she did surely snatched consideration, as she was trolled for ‘Pooh’s give up’! Concealed Undekha: Hina Khan’s Nautanki! In one of the Unseen Undekha recordings on Voot, Hina, Priyank, Sapna and Luv were seen examining about Pooh’s give up. Hina and Priyank Hina was vexed and discloses to Priyank that he had hit her Pooh, a couple of times. It is then Priyank jokes and reveals to Hina that her Pooh isn’t dead, just its shading has been transformed; it has progressed toward becoming ‘neelkant’! Priyank Says… He additionally includes, “Mein takla hogaya, aur usko neela kardiya; koi insignificant liye bi itna aansu bahaya poke fundamental takla ho raha tha (Pooh turned blue and she weeped for it. Did anyone cry, when they shaved my head)?” Hina and Priyank’s Full-on Masti Hina tongue in cheek cries and says, “Mera Pooh chala gaya” and removes Priyank’s shoes and arm ornament and tosses them by saying ‘Mera Pooh chala gaya’ ! Hina and Luv toss Priyank’s top too! All things considered, all these were occurring in agreeability! Priyank Strips In Front Of Hina and Sapna! Priyank is shocked with reference to what they are doing! At that point Priyank himself removes his shirt and offers it to Hina to toss that also! He wraps himself with a cover and takes his jeans off! Hina Beats Luv Hina and Sapna are stunned and call Priyank ‘nanga takla’! Luv requests that Priyank wear his gasp! Hina at that point flippantly beats Luv and reveals to him that as a result of him, she lost her Pooh. Sapna and Priyank as well, join and beat Luv! All things considered, it won’t not be right in the event that we say that a couple of recordings on Voot will most likely influence you to roar with laughter!