Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan Is New Captain; Vikas & Akash Get Into Physical Fight!

We saw the Bigg Boss 11 competitors battling to wind up noticeably the contenders of captaincy, amid BB Poultry errand. After undertaking fruition, Bigg Boss reports the contenders of captaincy. Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi and Shilpa Shinde will be seen vieing for captaincy. Read on to know the features of yesterday’s (December 21) scene. Likewise read what’s in store for today around evening time’s scene… Hina Makes Vikas Cry! In the mean time, Vikas spruces up all dark and Hina was seen remarking and prodding Vikas. Despite the fact that it was for entertainment only, Vikas considered it excessively important. He begins crying and advises with reference to how Hina dependably remarked on his dress and influenced him to feel he is revolting. Priyank and Hina Fight Priyank requests that Hina not troll Vikas. Be that as it may, Hina gets furious and requests that he go to his ‘new’ companion. Both Hina and Priyank get into a contention. Afterward, Priyank chooses to help Vikas totally finished Hina! Hina Khan Is The New Captain Coming back to the captaincy assignment, at first, it was said that Priyank Sharma has won the errand and is the new skipper of the house. Be that as it may, as indicated by the most recent report, Hina Khan has turned into the chief of the house. Consequently, she will be spared from the following week’s selections. Akash, Vikas and Arshi In Jail! As we found in the promo, Akash, Vikas and Arshi are sent to the ‘kalkotri’. Akash chooses to torment both Arshi and Vikas in the prison. He aggravates them two by calling monikers. He calls Vikas, ‘gadha’ plan! Akash and Vikas Get Into A Physical Fight Vikas endures Akash to some degree, yet later he loses his cool and begins battling. Their battle gets so extraordinary that even after the housemates request that they stop, they don’t! Vikas even pushes Akash, who tumbles down! Will Akash Or Vikas Be Thrown Out Of The House? As we as a whole know, physical savagery isn’t endured in the Bigg Boss house. At the point when Priyank assaulted Akash, Salman requested that Priyank go out. Things being what they are, will this happen once more? Will Bigg Boss Punish Akash and Vikas? Will’s identity tossed out of the house – Akash who incited Vikas or Vikas who assaulted Akash? All things considered, as indicated by the most recent report, neither of them will be tossed out of the house. Will Salman Throw Akash and Vikas Out Of The House? As per Bollywoodlife report, Bigg Boss cautions Akash and Vikas. They are informed that on the off chance that they rehash, they will be rebuffed seriously! All things considered, it must be seen what Salman Khan needs to say in regards to this amid Weekend Ka Vaar. Akash Trending On Twitter; Viewers Want Bigg Boss To #EvictVikasGupta! Akash is drifting on Twitter. Shockingly, the vast majority of the watchers were seen supporting Akash and Hina over Vikas. They feel that Vikas is playing the casualty card and pointlessly got into the battle. A couple of them additionally needed Bigg Boss to expel Vikas. Read the tweets… Fans Tweets: TaZz RizaN 💥 “#EvictVikasGupta coz this has happened 1 too often. Likewise some way or another it will be supported that Akash Provoked him and regardless of whether he is tossed out..He will be kept in mystery room and will be given sudharne ka mauka @rajcheerfull am I Right Sir.” @PranJ_ “Is #BiggBoss house extremely ok for Ppl? @BiggBoss @ColorsTV @BiengSalmanKhan VikAss got physical with Punish, Shilpa – Hina and now With Akash! Yet, No move has bn made yet. How might he pushed Akash n Kissed him Forcefully? Its absolutely inappropriate behavior! #EvictVikasGupta.” @ZehraSpeaks “Hina was not in any manner offending Vik or calling him ugly!Vikas has called Akash revolting various times!He was notwithstanding calling Akash terrible while crying’mujhe lagnay laga hai primary akash se bhi monstrous hoon’.Vik is a harasser and was crying 4 sensitivity votes! @BeingSalmanKhan @ColorsTV @BiggBoss #BB11.” @tee8632 “No #vikasgupta began it #akashdadlani was stating his words then #vikas went near #akash and kissed him then akash didn’t care for it and pushed him back so for what reason did #vikas kiss him? Pyar tho nehi tha it was to actuate #akash however later #vikas went full scale and pushed him #evictvikas.” Mini “Nauseated and earned out by Vikas Gupta attempting to strongly kiss Akash and push him in dissatisfaction of not getting kissed back. Karan Patel ka dost hai na iss liye attacker jaisi harkatein kar raha hai aur expected bhi tha ye. #EvictVikasGupta #BB11 @ColorsTV @BeingSalmanKhan.” Asha Rohira ‏”After sexually and physically assualting Akash, Vikas ought to be tossed out, no more “Kade shabdo me ninda”,,and no more poo like Akash prompted so “Activity ka response”. #EvictVikasGupta #BiggBoss11 , #BB11.” @Shanaya88035985 “Right off the bat he pushed Puneesh in an errand … At that point Hina khan n Shilpa In an undertaking … Presently Akash Dadlani n dt too in an awful manner… N this tym we need equity dts it….#EvictVikasGupta @ColorsTV @BiggBoss @EndemolShineIND @BeingSalmanKhan.” @wobblyhead0724 “”Akash mjhse attractive ho ga unimportant ko aisa lagnay laga hai” Dude what do you mean and what are u notwithstanding weeping for at that point? Nobody called you terrible in actuality you in a roundabout way provoking Akash once more. #BB11 #BiggBoss11.”