Bigg Boss 11: Is Luv Tyagi Getting Eliminated This Weekend?

From the procedure of expulsion to the challengers getting killed – this period of Bigg Boss has been to a great degree capricious. The watchers are not ready to think about what may occur next and are snared to the TV screens. As we had just uncovered, yesterday (January 4), all the four designated candidates – Shilpa Shinde, Luv Tyagi, Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan were sent to the shopping center to request for the votes. This is ousting process and the hopeful who gets minimal number of votes would be removed from the Bigg Boss 11 house. Fans Go Crazy At The Mall We had likewise detailed that there was add up to disarray in the Inorbit Mall, Mumbai, as the contenders arrived. Shilpa, Hina and Vikas’ fans went insane when they saw them. (Picture Source: Twitter) Fans Misbehave With Hina The group left control and fans even got into mischief with Hina. It was accounted for that the generation unit at that point chose to take the candidates back soon! (Picture Source: Twitter) Who Is Getting Eliminated? Presently, the BIG inquiry is will’s identity getting ousted this end of the week. Since Vikas, Hina and Shilpa are famous people and have enormous fans in Mumbai, they will get more votes. Hina and Shilpa Got Maximum Votes! Obviously, Hina and Shilpa’s fans overwhelmed the shopping center than Vikas’ fans! Shouldn’t something be said about Luv Tyagi’s fans? There were just a couple of enthusiasts of Luv at the shopping center and since he is from Delhi, there are theories that he may lack more votes. Luv Tyagi Might Get Eliminated! So individuals feel that there are higher odds of Luv Tyagi getting disposed of. Indeed, even The Khabri tweeted, “#BB11 Votings of Mall Stopped at 9:30 according to Sources Shilpa got Maximum Votes. Hina Shilpa and Vikas Are From mumbai, Luv is From Delhi so Most of his fans couldnot achieve, So Luv Will be dispensed with.” Luv Tyagi Fans Upset; Calls Bigg Boss Unfair Luv Tyagi fans are vexed that he is being hollowed against the superstars. They feel that the creators are attempting to spare Vikas Gupta. They even feel that if the voting occurred by the errand or in a Delhi shopping center, Luv would have more votes. Read the tweets… Fans Tweets: Shailesh Patel ‏”#MallTask Voting Nahi Hui Hoti Toh #ShilpaShinde Ki Prediction 100% Correct Ho Jati And #VikasGupta Eliminate Ho Jate. #Vikas Fandom Thanx To #BB11 Ke Makers Jo Apke LostMind Ko Bacha Liya and #LuvTyagi Ko Bali Ka Bakra Bana Diya But I Like You Luv I Love #Shilpa #BiggBoss11.” FinickyFox “Dear #BiggBoss Its a recommendation. In the following season kindly don’t squander your cash in setting up undertakings, rather keep decisions. Hail #fandom Hail #ShilpaShinde #BB11.” @Priyannk01 “#UnfairDecisionForLuv BiggBoss ( @rajcheerfull ) IF #Luv is wiped out then we as a whole TYagi are coming in your #BiggBoss House to acknowledge you how to help #Vikas over #Luv .” Saket Dewangan ‏”One city can’t choose one’s popularity..very [email protected] True champ @ColorsTV #SupportLuvTyagi #UnfairDecisionForLuvTyagi #LuvTyagi #luvtyagiwinninghearts #luv tyagi.” @TyagiTeena2 “It’s #unfairDecisionForLuv 😡 #NoLuv #NoBb ❤️❤️ we bolster our legend luv.. ❤️ Genuine Gentleman Taskmaster Kindhearted Bst ordinary person our #LuvTyagi ❤️❤️ without #luv No bb #BiasedBiggaboss.” Vibhor Tyagi “#UnfairDecisionForLuvTyagi #luv tyagi #Luv #LuvWinningHearts @iamluvtyagi spare him or do the voting in GIP MALL noida and stay approach for all the hopeful.” @LuvTyagiTeam “I m extremely tragic for #Luv bb group wanna to remove #LuvTyagi that is y ye shopping center voting rakhi luv fans north india se jyada h or baki tino ka to main residence hee samjho unn logo k vaha frds h or luv fans aana bhi chaye to 1vote ki kimat 10000rs just delhi se lagege Baised #bb11 tens.” Dr Jaspreet Chahal “@BiggBoss #UnfairDecisionForLuv the way you put #Luv Tyagi for shopping center undertaking. Disclose to us how an ordinary citizen can have same following in main residence of different celebs. In the event that you are sufficiently reasonable Bring them to Delhi once ,or give us opportunity through #LiveVotingforLuv& Vikas #LuvTyagiFTW #Luv.”