Bigg Boss 11: Could Puneesh Sharma be the unlikely winner? A quick look at his journey so far

Bigg Boss 11 tossed a considerable measure of amazements for the watchers as a couple of its turns and turns were exceedingly capricious ones. On the off chance that you have been following the truth demonstrate nearly you would concur with the way that the normal people gave an extreme rivalry to the superstars in this season. Discussing ordinary citizens, Puneesh Sharma is one hopeful who rose to a superstar status inside the house. His rising through the positions was a slow procedure. How about we investigate the features of his Bigg Boss voyage.

Puneesh Sharma’s undertaking with hopeful Bandagi Kalra is without a doubt the most remarkable feature of his stretch on the show. Both of them got excessively near solace and their open show of love unsettled the quills of a couple of the challengers in the house. The prisoners were exceptionally vocal about the inconvenience that they felt with the way these two were carrying on under one rooftop. Be that as it may, Puneesh and Bandagi went ahead despite any potential risks and did what suited them the most. The private idea of the bond, that they created on the show, was one of the arguments of Bigg Boss 11 amid its underlying days. With Bandagi out of the picture, everybody rushed to hop to the conclusion that Puneesh’s days in the house were not shortlived but rather he sprung an amazement by figuring out how to hold his position.

His charged undertaking with Bandagi shot up his prevalence and this, as it were, solidified his position in the show. It gave him a personality which he would have attempted to set up had he not got included with Bandagi. It is as yet obscure if this was only a reputation stunt by both of them to come into the spotlight or was there some fact in what the watchers saw on the little screen. One thing is for sure, there’s nothing called an ‘awful attention’.

Puneesh was shrewd when it came to framing unions. He hit new fellowships effortlessly. He coexisted with well Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta notwithstanding a couple of conflicts, which are unavoidable in the event that one is battling for the Bigg Boss title. The way that he has figured out how to make due without experiencing any significant occurrence is an accomplishment enough. All things considered, he has been shrewd in keeping up an equanimous condition with most as in doing as such he has figured out how to survive this long.

Puneesh Sharma’s proactive approach towards the Bigg Boss assignments is another in addition to point that attempted further bolstering his good fortune. He was a standout amongst the most dynamic individuals from the extravagance spending errand. He was likewise extremely open when it came standing firm and this dash of trustworthiness can get him a couple of brownie focuses.

On the drawback, his unpredictable temper is one thing that emerged in his dealings with alternate prisoners of the house. At a couple of focuses in the diversion, he seemed to be a tenacious man who declines to think about another’s perspective.

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Haha… poor bandgi utilized him to remain in the diversion now this imbecile has proceeded chasing after Shilpa like a poodle. 🤣



As the finale inches nearer, the inquiry that emerges is, will he have the capacity to hold his ground within the sight of candidates like Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, and Vikas Gupta? Just time will answer this one, till then continue watching this space for all the more such updates.