Bigg Boss 11: Salman Warns Shilpa; Journalists To Question The Contestants; Shilpa Gets Teary-eyed!

This is the LAST Weekend Ka Vaar scene as the groups of onlookers will witness Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale, one week from now. Since Bigg Boss 11 is crawling towards the finale, Salman Khan asks the housemates with reference to what they will miss in the house. Luv tells that he will miss the wake up melody, while Hina tells that she will miss the peace in the house. Shilpa tells that she will miss Salman Khan and Bigg Boss’ voice (and certainly not Akash Dadlani).

Read on to know the features of the most recent scene and what’s in store in the up and coming scene… Appy Fizz Caller Questions Shilpa The last Appy Fizz Caller of the week asks Shilpa for what reason she doesn’t partake in the assignments. She likewise gets some information about her fans (that they would vote in favor of her at any rate)! Salman Warns Shilpa! Shilpa tries to shield herself, while Hina and Vikas concur with the guest. Puneesh underpins Shilpa. Indeed, even Salman cautions Shilpa to be dynamic. He requests that Shilpa not think little of other contenders’ fans, as they (fans) are putting in all endeavors to vote in favor of the candidates. LAST Sultani Akhada:

Puneesh Vs Akash Salman Khan declares the last Sultani Akhada between Akash Dadlani and Puneesh Sharma – the pagal-premi jodi! Akash loses both the rounds and Puneesh wins the Sultani Akhada. Sidharth and Manoj’s Masti With BB 11 Contestants Aiyaary on-screen characters, Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee go into the house and connect with the housemates in a fun action. The contenders need to sit on the rec center ball and kick the balls which have the photo of alternate candidates. Akash and Vikas win. Vikas Is Aiyaary Of Bigg Boss 11 House! The performing artists likewise request that the hopeful name the Aiyaary (behrupiya) of the house. The housemates name Vikas Gupta as he figures out how to get individuals close by controlling things keenly! Rakul, Sidharth and Manoj With Salman Also, the performing artists join Salman Khan and Rakul Preet (Aiyaary lead on-screen character) in front of an audience.

All the four on-screen characters have a ton of fun in front of an audience. While Sidharth is made to state Bhojpuri exchange, Rakul turns into the woman Dabangg. Manoj moves for Mitun Da’s tune. Hopefuls Count Their Votes Salman Khan at that point requests that the competitors tally their votes from the voting station, while Puneesh encourages them! Shilpa gets 660 votes and Hina gets 464 votes. Vikas and Luv get less number of votes contrasted with Shilpa and Hina. Luv Tyagi Gets Eliminated While Vikas gets 428 votes, Luv gets 393 votes. Since Luv gets slightest number of votes, he gets wiped out. Salman and different challengers say farewell to Luv by wishing him good fortunes. Average people Vs Celebrities Salman Khan asks for what reason in the fourteenth week, they began groupism (ordinary citizens and VIPs). Puneesh acknowledges that he wasn’t right and even apologizes.

The live voting is done as to whom the gatherings of people need to see as a champ – Commoner or Celebrity. Live Voting: Viewers Want Celebrity To Win The Show! Puneesh is requested to give discourse speaking to ordinary citizens, while Hina speaks to big names. While Puneesh gets 55% votes, Hina gets 79% votes. Columnists To Question The Contestants In the forthcoming scenes, the hopefuls will be seen confronting inquiries from a pack of writers who will make precarious inquiries to the candidates. Shilpa Gets Teary-peered toward according to the most recent promo, Shilpa is reprimanded by her co-hopeful as Hina tells that somebody can’t win the show by simply cooking. She includes that if that was in this way, at that point she as well, would have learnt cooking! Bigg Boss Is Not Khatron Ke Khiladi! It would appear that even Vikas and Akash reprimand Shilpa, as Shilpa was seen mournful! One of the writers even discloses to Hina that she can’t win the show just by demonstrating that she has done the assignments, as it isn’t Khatron Ke Khiladi!