Bigg Boss 11: What? Shilpa Shinde & Vikas Gupta To Get MARRIED On The Show!

Bigg Boss 11 challengers, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s relationship has been hitting the features since the start. As far back as they entered the show, they have been battling, and the watchers wanted to watch them battle. Yet, later the battle gained out of power and the fans felt that the performer was tormenting Vikas. He even endeavored to get away from different circumstances from the Bigg Boss house. Numerous VIPs and fans turned out in help of Vikas, while a couple of agreed with Shilpa and called it ‘Karma’. Explanation behind Shilpa and Vikas’ Fight It must be reviewed that Shilpa was supplanted on the show, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain. It was even said that Vikas Gupta was behind her substitution.

Afterward, Shilpa was even restricted from doing appears on TV. She believed she was prohibited in view of Vikas and was seen tormenting him. Vikas Consoled Shilpa But after Sabyasachi’s disposal, shockingly, the couple rejoined. Vikas was seen supporting Shilpa, who was seen crying. The couple even had an amicable talk. Akash Feels Vikas and Shilpa’s Fights Were Fake Later, Akash began prodding the pair. He even went ahead to state that their battles were phony and they had arranged it some time recently. Indeed, even Puneesh began pondering whether the couple will become hopelessly enamored at this point! Vikas and Shilpa To Get Married!

Presently, there is a buzz that Shilpa and Vikas would get hitched inside the house soon! No, we are not the ones saying this! The South performing artist, Gehana Vasisth, who uncovered numerous hopefuls of the Bigg Boss house, says as much! Vikas and Shilpa To Get Married In The Bigg Boss house! Gehana disclosed to Asia TV that she has some solid sources in Colors channel, who have revealed to her that Vikas and Shilpa are becoming hopelessly enamored with each other and they may get hitched in December!

Vikas Saved Shilpa From Nomination It must be reviewed that amid assignment errand, Vikas relinquished his top pick ‘Lost Boys’ coat to spare Shilpa from expulsion. He even apologized to her and requesting that her work with him after they go out. Shilpa and Vikas Shilpa was touched by Vikas’ motion and was in tears. She even stated, “I adore you” trailed by a flying kiss. In the wake of observing all these, even fans need them to get hitched! All things considered, it must be seen whether Gehana’s claim end up being valid! How about we sit tight for December!! What say folks? Hit the remark box to share your perspectives on Shilpa and Vikas’ companionship…