Bigg Boss 11 UNSEEN: Puneesh & Luv Bond; Hina SHOCKED To Know Luv Has Gun Licence!

The connection between the Bigg Boss 11 competitors is eccentric. They are seen holding with each other so well, however the exact next minute they are seen battling! We have seen Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi battling amid an undertaking. Be that as it may, in an inconspicuous video, them two are seen holding so well that they expect to keep in contact even after they exit from the show. They are seen making arrangements in the matter of what they will do in Delhi after they go out! Puneesh and Luv’s Delhi Plans In the video, Luv Tyagi and Puneesh are seen examining with respect to how they will meet even after Bigg Boss and gathering together. Hina, who is seen doing make-up, prods them. Luv Has A Gun License! Puneesh asks whether Luv has permit (of weapon), and the last answers in the certifiable. Hina doesn’t see first (as they don’t take name of the weapon) and gets some information about which permit they are discussing. Hina Is Shocked! Afterward, Hina becomes more acquainted with and is stunned. She asks for what reason they are talking severely. In any case, Puneesh says that it (having firearm permit) is important as they remain in Delhi and anything can occur there! Hina Is Scared Of Luv and Puneesh! Hina discloses to them that they are terrifying them and she isn’t going out with them in Delhi. Puneesh discloses to her that she will be protected with them. Luv discloses to them that he had discharged his initially shot at a companion’s farmhouse in Delhi and he got apprehensive. Hina Asks If Luv’s Father Doesn’t Stop Him! Hina asks as to they (Luv’s family) don’t stop him. Luv discloses to her that his dad had protested a couple of times, yet he can’t help! It’s typical there! At that point, she asks whether the police don’t state anything! Puneesh says that IG of Police is his neighbor and he has never protested! It is normal in Delhi to shoot firearms on celebratory events.