Bigg Boss 11: UNSEEN! Vikas & Hina Make Fool Of Themselves While Making Fun Of Arshi Khan’s GK!

Bigg Boss 11 is getting fascinating with each passing day. Aside from the consistent scenes that are being publicized on TV, the watchers are anxious to comprehend what’s on concealed and uncut recordings on Voot. In an inconspicuous video distributed on Voot, the housemates were seen having a fabulous time while testing their general learning. Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan are seen ridiculing Arshi Khan, however wind up tricking themselves! Read on… Vikas Gupta Asks Arshi Khan In the video, Vikas Gupta asks Arshi, What is Delhi’s capital? For which Arshi answers, Bhopal! He at that point asks an amusing inquiry, “What is our national creepy crawly?” Arshi answers, “Mosquito”. Arshi understands that she made a screw up and giggles at herself. Vikas Turns Quiz Master! Vikas keeps on asking Arshi, “What is our national tune?” Arshi: ‘Satyamev …’ Vikas: Which is greater – Sun, Neptune, Jupiter or Pluto? Arshi: I haven’t seen any! (Hina will be seen giggling) Vikas Asks Arshi Vikas: What is Pakistan’s capital? Arshi: Karachi Vikas: Who fabricated Taj Mahal? Arshi: Shahzaade Salim and Akbar. Hina Flaunts Her GK Now, Hina Khan tries to display her GK. She asks, “Name a nation which has all the FOUR tropics going through it?” When nobody could answer her inquiry, Hina tells, “‘Africa’ is the main ‘nation’ which has all the four tropics going through it.” Hina’s Blunder! As a matter of first importance, Africa is a landmass! Besides, there are just two tropics – Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Capricorn. (Equator isn’t considered a tropic). Vikas’ Blunder! Vikas Gupta will likewise be seen telling Bhutan is a ‘city’ in Nepal! In any case, Bhutan is a ‘nation’ with Thimphu as its capital! Vikas Compares Arshi’s GK With Alia’s GK! In the video, Vikas Gupta was seen contrasting Arshi with Bollywood performing artist, Alia Bhatt and TV on-screen character, Arjit Taneja (whom he feels is idiotic)!