Bigg Boss 11: Zubair Khan Controversy – After Salman Khan, His Bodyguard Shera Is In Trouble!

Bigg Boss 11 contender, Zubair Khan, was killed from the show since he got minimum number of votes. Be that as it may, before his exit, Salman Khan had lashed out at Zubair for faking his character and for utilizing foul dialect inside the house. Since Zubair couldn’t take Salman’s brutal words, he devoured pills inside the Bigg Boss house and was later hurried to the healing facility. Post his end, Zubair had documented a grumbling against Salman Khan for undermining him inside the house. Zubair Khan Zubair even uncovered that he was uninformed of the promo in which he was appeared as a black market wear’s relative. He influenced it to clear that he is not the slightest bit identified with Dawood Ibrahim or Haseena Parker and it was the channel who acquainted him like that with pick up TRPs! Shabnam Shaikh File FIR Against Salman’s Bodyguard Shera Apparently, when the police declined to enlist a FIR, he had drawn nearer a Bandra-based dissident, Shabnam Shaikh, for offer assistance. Presently, it is this Shabnam Shaikh, who has documented a FIR against Salman Khan’s guardian, Shera! Shabnam Claims . . . As per report, Shabnam claims that Shera called her to persuade Zubair to reclaim the protest. She was cited as saying, “I disclosed to him that it was unrealistic to reclaim the grievance and after that he began mishandling me and saying that I will be assaulted by them.” Shera Denies Accusation Against Him Shabnam includes that she has the whole discussion recorded. Be that as it may, Shera has denied the allegation against him. He was cited by DC as saying, “The number from which the call was made isn’t mine. She has discolored my notoriety.” Shera Hasn’t Interacted With Shabnam Shera said that there is an innovation accessible that will perceive the voice on the call, so he will be demonstrated blameless. He has likewise said that he has never connected with Shabnam.