Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh’s most precious gift to someone very close is a paper boat

Bigg Boss 13 may be finished yet accounts of competitors are a long way from getting over. Different concealed clasps from the season keep on drifting around for fans to watch. One such video that has showed up is that of on-screen character Arti Singh, known to be one of the most noble challengers of the show.

The clasp shows Arti Singh sitting on the floor of Bigg Boss 13’s rec center, addressing Shefali Jariwala and Mahira Sharma about her adolescence and Chichi mother (Govinda). On a few events during the show, Arti has been vocal about her past, be that as it may, this is the first occasion when we hear the entertainer talks about her intense youth, her complexities and frailties, and the most valuable blessing she’s given her companion – Nimisha Pandey.

In the video the on-screen character shares how now and again she censures herself for the monetary misfortune her dad bore directly after she was conceived. She additionally uncovers the motivation behind why she can’t stand jokes made on her, when her mom couldn’t bear to get her a sword and managed with a cardboard cut-out of it, what she looked like forward to every one of her cousins birthday just to get return presents and the importance of a paper pontoon in her life.

While her family needed more cash to purchase return presents for Arti’s birthday, she willingly volunteered to make one. From the pages of a scratch pad, she made a few paper vessels to give as return blessings however removed them quickly from disgrace. Numerous years after the fact when Arti made it to the business, she made a paper vessel, got it confined and offered it to her companion Nimisha, saying, ‘Just you merit this pontoon.’