Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia sees Eijaz and Rubina in top 2, feels Nikki is not being real

Pavitra Punia’s excursion reached a conclusion after her 2-month stretch in Bigg Boss 14. While the entertainer has had a crazy ride on the show, she has made a point to put forth a valiant effort, and she has guaranteed to put forth a strong effort. While her expulsion appeared to be a stunner to many, she additionally made a significant buzz via online media too.

We got conversing with Pavitra pretty much everything Bigg Boss 14, her condition with Eijaz Khan, the expulsion, and the sky is the limit from there. Peruse selections from the meeting here.

How stunning was the expulsion and did you think that its out of line?

I’ll reveal to you a certain something, it’s not tied in with being stunning, obviously, it was stunning for me, I was truly not anticipating that. At the point when I came out, I came to know from companions and the crowds that I was not noticeable just in the most recent week though I know a great deal of things occurred in the house in that multi week on the off chance that they purposely didn’t show it, I have no clue about for what reason didn’t they. I did my part, however I was unwell, and everybody falls wiped out, yet it was stunning for me. After me doing all that I could do likewise, what I saw subsequent to coming outside and I didn’t have the most reduced votes, it was Aly, Jasmin, and Rahul, so they should go before me, so I don’t have the foggiest idea. It is their kitchen, they understand what they need, and what sort of flavor they need. I am exceptionally cheerful, I appeared to be a solid hopeful, so everything is acceptable at this point.

You and Eijaz have likewise had a rollercoaster ride in the house, what is your condition with him at the present time?

Gracious, I am missing him so much, each and every day, consistently I miss him. I have spent each and every snapshot of affection and contempt with him just inside the house, I am simply trusting he is doing fine in the house and that he isn’t feeling low reasoning that I am nowhere to be found. Since he used to converse with me about such things, and even without talking, we saw one another, we had that sort of solace. We were the shoulder to lean upon for one another, talking or not talking, I am simply missing him and I truly trust he does the best and comes out winning the prize.

He has become the main competitor to go to the finale, yet it was a somewhat troublesome errand for him. Did you wish to be close by in such occasions?

I was having blended feelings on account of the mystery that I came to know and I was broken and how, the second they declared that the insusceptibility stone is with him, I was hopping with delight and felt like he is the man, he has got the stuff. The second he was crying, I was cribbing here and I was likewise crying with my sibling comforting me, however I realized that at that point, he required me, and I felt it.

Your condition with Aly went through a complete change, what turned out badly?

Jasmin is the thing that turned out badly, the main individual wasn’t right inside, it was Jasmin. In the event that anybody divided me and Aly, it was Jasmin and for that, I had a battle too. She didn’t care for me conversing with Aly and such stuff however in the event that she was brilliant and experienced enough, she would have perceived that whatever condition they share is not the same as what we share. In the event that you all are sharing something at a more profound level, it is none of my anxiety, however Jasmin used to take care of him foulness with respect to me, and during the undertaking, he additionally said that she used to state the best thing, and that is the point at which I was considering how has this sharpness come in the middle. What I feel terrible about is Aly got impacted and he responded so gravely, yet like I stated, even while going out, we were once companions, so I won’t kick him. I generally regard individuals who have been companions or were companions once, however he was unable.

You and Nikki have additionally shared a solid bond, yet they went not right later. Is it safe to say that you were companions in the first place?

I have known Nikki from outside the house and we have additionally met before, I have had a feeling of connection with her since the absolute starting point, and I was starting to feel regarding for what reason is she carrying on prefer this since she isn’t as such, so whatever she is doing inside the house is only for the game, this isn’t the genuine her and it was stunning for me. I used to get a great deal of warmth from her and I used to impart everything to her yet by the end, as we were to arrive at the finale, she changed her example and conflicted with me, which I think happened when I said that ‘she ought to have been put int he confine and not Jaan’ on the grounds that it was her deficiency moreover. I accept whatever she was doing was in the show, yet now it is completely gone, on account of what she ridiculed. I feel on the off chance that you can’t comfort somebody when they are experiencing something, don’t ridicule them either, on the grounds that I can never think about such individuals.

A ton of discussion has occurred around you manhandling Gauahar Khan too, what do you need to state to that?

No, no, the undertaking that occurred, on account of which we came out, fortunately Bigg Boss took us back in, whatever I stated, it was a feeling of dread inside me, and I think I likewise told something very similar during the selection too, that individuals have an issue since I manhandled Gauahar and that I should be tossed out of the house, whatever Gauahar did, it was not required and we might have played it decently. Gauahar made a collusion with Hina Khan to expel Sidharth Shukla’s group, and she likewise used to tweet about him during Bigg Boss 13, in the event that she needed to take it facing him and root for ladies strengthening, it was noticeable in light of the fact that battles in regards to the equivalent have happened before. I could plainly observe that she disapproved of Sidharth and I think the collusion was not required, and in the event that you likewise think from the show’s perspective, you were there for about fourteen days and you should direct us, so you should likewise consider the show’s perspective that his group had 3 contenders and it isn’t sound for the show to expel them, yet she didn’t consider the big picture. At the point when we were out, what I did was a noisy response to her activity, I just lament that I ought to have controlled my maltreatments, however I actually have that outrage within me. It was all in accordance with the undertaking, I have no animosity with her, it was only a consequence of the hostility that was developed during the errand.

Rubina and Abhinav talked about the issues with their marriage, individuals have been discussing it, how it was only for the show. What do you need to state about it?

I’ll reveal to you something, individuals will in general pass judgment on others and they don’t have the foggiest idea how to spur them yet just ability to bring down their confidence. Nonetheless, two individuals, or anybody, who is experiencing a difficult stretch, it is their desire regarding how would they like to live with it and its amount would they like to show. On the off chance that they were in Himachal and on a visit, every other person has various approaches to manage, so it is no biggie. The way that they didn’t uncover it, it is their issue, and one doesn’t need to be judgemental for that. Just for a resistance stone, nobody will express such things and the defense to this was at that point gave when Abhinav was irritated and asked Rubina for what reason did she talk about it now when they have not told anybody this while. Thus, if individuals need to examine things, they shouldn’t clutch only a certain something and see the two sides of the story.

Who do you see going into the finale?

I don’t think about the best 4, however I realize that Eijaz and Rubina will make it to the main 2.

With the finale in seven days, we wager fans are eager to perceive what’s in store ahead!