Bigg Boss 14 Synopsis: Amid nominations, Vikas gets emotional about past while Rakhi entertains

The Nominations Special Episode always puts the housemates in a nervous position. All the alliances they have made are tested and the erring housemates are also taken to task. This time, Bigg Boss pulls up Aly and Nikki as he feels that they are making a mockery out of something as serious as Nominations. The two are not taking the process seriously and have become habitual rule-breakers. Bigg Boss says that because of the conduct of these two contestants, the entire house will have to pay a price!

The housemates are extremely shocked by this harsh surprise. Arshi blasts out on both Ali and Nikki. Even good friend Rahul Vaidya tells Aly he is disappointed in him. Rubina, Rakhi, and Abhinav also request the two contestants to stop breaking rules. Aly and Nikki now have some serious thinking to do.

Next, we see Rakhi giving some very hatke and unbelievable, yet funny, health tips to Rahul Vaidya. She says potatoes are good for the heart! Both Rahul and Aly look on unbelievably, as Rakhi claims to have studied MBBS from Canada. When asked what’s the full-form of MBBS, Rakhi is out of her depth and excuses herself as she goes to ask other contestants about what it means!

Vikas Gupta is seen discussing matters of the heart with Rubina and Nikki. He shares how it has been more than four years that he has been stressed over matters of the heart. Clearly distressed and in tears, Vikas is consoled by other housemates, who all give him a group hug