Bigg Boss 14 Synopsis: Rubina and Abhinav breakdown, Salman schools housemates

The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes are a time for the contestants to get feedback from the master host Salman Khan. He makes it a point to address the times when the contestants have gone overboard and explains where they have gone wrong.

The episode starts with Bigg Boss asking the contestants to come forth and talk about which housemate they feel has been in wrong and why. While each contestant makes sure they talk their heart out, the focus is on Rakhi and Rubina. Rakhi steps forward and says that Rubina has been in the wrong and that nothing can stop her from loving Abhinav. When it’s Runina’s turn, she says that Rakhi has been wrong for not considering her emotions and the respect that she has given her. Abhinav also takes Rakhi’s name and blames her for torturing him in the name of entertainment. In fact, he goes on to say that if there is anyone who has broken his heart the most during the season, it has been Rakhi!

Next, host Salman Khan addresses the incident where Rakhi pulled Abhinav’s shorts’ strings and asks Rubina about overreacting to that incident. While Rubina explains just why that incident made her overreact, Salman explains to her that the only person who benefited from Rakhi’s actions was Abhinav! Salman also sets right Abhinav’s misunderstanding about Rakhi’s actions showing him in the wrong light. The master host tells Abhinav to not overreact and think a bit before he starts making judgments about other housemates.

Salman Khan addresses Nikki Tamboli next, who has been quite rude to other housemates. Salman tells her that he has not noticed any change in her attitude even after he personally gave her feedback. He again reminds her about minding her manners and says that it reflects on her upbringing. Salman also pulls up Rubina for supporting Nikki, especially when she is misbehaving with most housemates.

Will Nikki improve after Salman Khan’s feedback? How will Rakhi, Rubina, and Abhinav’s relationship evolve after the Weekend Ka Vaar?