Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash’s massive cat fight: Teju calls Shamita ‘aunty’

Bigg Boss 15 is currently in the last leg and will soon conclude. In the previous episode, Abhijeet Bichukle and Devoleena Bhattacharjee got evicted from the show. This is the last week before the grand finale.

Across all seasons, contestants mellow down in the last week of the show and bury the hatchet and extend a hand of friendship even with their rivals on the show. However, Shamita and Tejasswi are an exception as the duo got into a massive fight in the finale week.

In the upcoming episodes, the audience went inside the house while the contestants had to pose as hotel staff and entertain the audience. For a massage session, Karan chose his lady love Tejasswi but she fails to impress Kundrra and the audiences hence Shamita takes over and massages Karan.

Shamita tries to entertain the audience and performs the task while Tejasswi gets offended with Shamita massaging Kundraa. She pulls her and gets her away from Karan. Later, Shamita gives a massage to Pratik in the same manner while Tejasswi calls her an ‘aunty’.

Tejasswi also states that Shamita has not done any tasks properly but in this particular task where she has to give massages, she’s suddenly very interested. Shamita loses her cool and tells Karan that he should take a stand for her and ask his girl Tejasswi to not cross her limits. Kundrra remains confused as to whom to support in the rift.

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