Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Singh Vig, MC Stan, Abdu & Sajid Khan are elected as the top favorites

The game in the Bigg Boss 16 house is getting tougher with each passing day! Along with the master of the house, the viewers have seen contestants playing the game to the best of their ability and the equations among them changing overnight. One such dramatic incident transpires in the coveted house and creates a rift between two contestants, who are known to be friends. It all starts with Gori Nagori, who blames Archana Gautam for stealing her avocado.

The backstory to this is that the missing avocado is a prank staged by Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and it escalates into a huge verbal spat. Consequently, Gori and Archana lash out at each other. The fight worsens when Archana throws water on Gori and to take her revenge, she then spills water on Archana’s clothes in the storeroom. Priyanka too is not spared by Gori when she tries to intervene and clarify the matter. Will this ugly fight lead to a new rivalry among the girls? Only time will tell.

Later in the night, ‘Bigg Boss’ invites the housemates one after another to the confession room and asks them to name their favourite housemate. Gautam Singh Vig, MC Stan, Abdu and Sajid Khan are elected as the top favorites and are asked to choose their favorite roommates. It will be interesting to see whom these favourites pick after the changed relationship dynamics of the house.