Brahmarakshas: Raina In Danger; Will Rishabh Save Her?

Brahmarakshas, which is comeback show of Krystle D’Souza, is gripping, although there are a few glitches, which can be neglected. Overall, we can say, the show will definitely keep the audiences engaged.

The story starts with newly-wed bride and groom Aparajita (Kishwer Merchant) and Parag Tyagi, speaking in their haveli, in Kamalpura. Aparajita is shown as a greedy person, who kills Parag for the property. Aparajita pushes Parag from the top of haveli who will be eaten up by a gorilla!

The story then takes a leap of 20 years, and Parag will later be shown as Brahmarakshas, who will haunt the village. A new family in other place is shown, who fix Ajay (Sahil Uppal) and Rakhi’s (Charu Mehra) marriage in the village of Kamalpura. But, Rishabh (Aham Sharma) and Rakhi’s mother, Mohini (Rakshanda Khan) is hesitant about the place, as she knows the background of Kamalpura. But Mohini’s brother, who wants to get rid of the village and the haweli, makes her agree as he decides to sell the place to Ajay’s father.

The families shift to Kamalpura for the destination marriage. Mohini makes sure that there are no red bangles, sindoor and red chunari. She also argues with their sons, who get alcohol, which Brahmarakshas hates! But, Raina (Krystal D’Souza) gets the bangle in her bags, thinking the family forgot it. Raina and Rishabh miss their train and they take a taxi, and the driver refuses to take a short cut.

Rishabh decides to go in the jungle route, and Raina will be given a lotus for her protection as Brahmarakshas is scared of it. Mishti and Shyam, who were with Rishabh and Raina take another route and reach the haveli to spend some lone time together. They get into trouble as Mishti dresses like a newly-wed girl. The rakshas, who was with the couple, kills both, and enters Shyam’s body!