Colors’ Vish: Sabrina to Get Trapped in Vishlok; Rayna to Release Vishera!

Hues’ prevalent spine chiller appear, Vish featuring Debina Bonnerjee, Vishal Vashishtha, Sana Makbul Khan and Krrip Kapur Suri is going towards an intriguing show. In the ongoing scenes, it was uncovered that Aliya and Aditya have found Sabrina’s reality of being a Vishkanya and they are attempting to reveal different mysteries as well.

Then again, Sabrina is in an issue on the grounds that Vishaila is enduring the brunt of cold temperature and is nearing demise.

In the forthcoming scenes, she will make a beeline for the Vishlok to bring the Jeev Booti so as to spare her affection, Vishaila. Then, Rayna (Snehal Rai) will help Vishera who was caught by Sabrina into a mirror. Vishera begins slamming his head against the mirror to get away from this snare, seeing the blood on that reflect, Rayna will toss it outside. Where the evening glow will fall on the mirror, which will discharge Vishera from Sabrina’s snare.

Here, Aditya and Aliya experience Vishaila’s coasting body in a pool of water in Sabrina’s storage room. In the interim, Sabrina who had gone to the Vishlok to bring Jeev Booti is caught there and later, a defenseless Sabrina will utilize her arm jewelery to come back to the human land.

With Vishera getting discharged and Aliya-Aditya discovering Sabrina’s reality, the show has an intriguing dramatization for the crowd ahead. Tell us your perspectives in the remarks beneath.

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