Daya sends a letter for Jethalal through Sunderlal

One of the constant talking points lately has been if and when will Daya (Disha Vakani) return to the show. This is still a question and we don’t know but Jethalal (Dilip Joshi) will be seen having some hope in the upcoming episodes. Jethalal’s eyes will almost be welled up with tears. His brother-in-law – Sunderlal has dropped in at home without prior announcement. After landing at home, Sunderlal and his friends for some reason seem to be just too elated to even inform Jethaalal what they are there for. While Jethalal is chasing them to find out why he is here, Sunderlal and friends are in their own zone. They seem to be dodging Jethalal’s questions. They are playing garba, they are fooling around, they are raiding the kitchen and they are doing just about everything except informing Jethalal why they have paid him a visit.

As always, Sunderlal’s presence makes Jethalal edgy. By now, Jethaalal knows that Sunderlal’s unannounced visits to his place means his brother-in-law is in need of money. So, after chasing Sunderlal around to make him tell why he’s here, Jethalal manages to make him admit that he isn’t here for borrowing any money. To the contrary, Sunderlal has started another new business in Real Estate. Hearing this, Jethalal is relieved but now, he is worried about what Sunderlal might have in store for him. So after much pleading and nudging, Sunderlal gives in and hands over to him a letter from Daya!

As he reads the letter, Jethalal gets emotional and almost can’t believe what he reads. Among other things, Daya has promised him to return home soon and that she still has some more things to care of. But to find out what other details Daya has conveyed to Jethalal in the letter, we will have to see the episode indeed.