Despite being down with chicken pox, Shivin Narang resumes shooting!

Performer Shivin Narang isn’t one to give afflictions a chance to come in the method for his work. The performer was as of late determined to have chicken pox and joined work when he felt somewhat better.

“The truth is out, I am shooting directly subsequent to being determined to have chicken pox. I rested for right around two to more than two days. Be that as it may, as we work for TV, we don’t have scenes banked. In this way, in view of the broadcast issues, my creation house inquired as to whether I could assist and I returned to work!” he says.

He includes, “I am shooting each day for a couple of hours, simply the essential scenes, whatever can be utilized for the broadcast. We, as a group, are overseeing it. I am playing it safe and medications with me. My creation group is additionally extremely agreeable and even my co-performing artists are dealing with me, which is exceptionally sweet. As I realize that show is going off air soon, I need to invest a great deal of energy with them as well.”