Dil Chahta Hai sequel: Which 2016 Bollywood actors should play the 3 lead characters?

Dil Chahta Hai is one of the foundation films for the milennial era. It showed the audience, that Hindi films didn’t have to be escapist to win appreciation, and to be relatable was the ‘in thing’. The film became as big as it became for the ’90s kids, because of its three leading men – Akash (played by a hip Aamir Khan), Sameer (played by lovelorn Saif Ali Khan) and Siddharth (played by brooding Akshaye Khanna) are the most identified with characters in the 2000s.

Now, director Farhan Akhtar has always denied that the film would never have a sequel. However according to a leading publication, Farhan admitted in an interview that he was putting a lot of thought into the sequel. He added that was totally clueless if the project would even take off, and who would go on to star in it. We thought of helping Farhan out with our reccomendations for the three lead characters.

Here are three Bollywood actors in 2016, who we would like to see reprise our favourite trio of lead characters if the sequel.

Ranveer Singh is not just your regular upbeat, happy bloke. He’s also very witty as we’ve seen on social media and has wicked wit. Aamir Khan’s Aakash had an amazing sarcastic wit, at the same time he had this angsty side to him which we see in the second half of the film. Ranveer has an angsty side to him and he could play both the witty and angsty versions of Aakash. He might need to dial down the energy a bit, but we’ve seen him do it in films like Lootera and Dil Dhadakne Do.

Saif Ali Khan’s Sameer is the lovelorn idiot among the three friends. He is tremendously unsure of life, love and is self-deprecating. Imran Khan would be the perfect guy to play Sameer as the lovesick good guy of the group. He’s affable, awkwardly funny and very nice which ticks off all the boxes of what Imran is capable of playing. He might not have the greatest success in films recently, but he’s too good an actor to not be a part of this movie.

This would be some inspired casting. Ranbir Kapoor has played the overachieving Bollywood hero for far too long. Akshaye Khanna’s Sid is a the quiet, introverted dreamer, painter. Ranbir comes across as an introvert in many of his interviews, and if taps into that it could quite easily go on to become the highlight of the sequel.