Divya Drishti: Lavanya & Pishachini Attempt to Harm Shergills!

Star Plus’ well known powerful show Divya Drishti featuring Sana Sayyad and Nyra Banerjee in the title jobs is presently on the zenith of its dramatization. In the ongoing scenes, it was demonstrated that Divya and Drishti figure out how to locate Pishachini’s human powder however she traps them and damages the sisters.

From that point, Rakshit masked as Anjan spares Divya and Drishti with the assistance of Romi. In the mean time, Pishachini has made an insidious showing and with her forces, she has turned Lavanya (Mansi Srivastava) into a reptile. She needs Lavanya to execute Rakshit and demolish Divya Drishti’s security.

Presently, we have taken in an intriguing update about the approaching scenes. From what our sources have educated us, after Rakshit and Lavanya’s wedding there will be a pooja in the house where Pishachini and Lavanya will plot a hurtful assault on the Shergill family. Pishachini will ask Lavanya to utilize her forces and make a hurtful beverage for the family. This, yet they will utilize Mogre ki Maala (Mogra laurel) to hurt the family.

In the past scene, it was likewise observed that a smashed Drishti finds out about Lavanya’s fact, though Lavanya endeavors to slaughter Rakshit. With such advancements in the plot, it will intrigue perceive how Divya and Drishti will spare the whole family just as get the Kaalvijay Ratna from Pishachini.

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