Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2: Mohit Kumar & Kanikka Kapur Give Us The Lowdown About The Show!

The main period of Sony TV’s show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste featuring Namik Paul and Nikita Dutta got tremendous notoriety among the crowd and left them sitting tight anxiously for Season 2.

Mohit Kumar and Kanikka Kapur will assume the job of Shravan and Suman in the subsequent season and from the promotions, the fans are as of now cherishing their on-screen science. The show is set in a military background and debuts on tenth February

In a restrictive discussion, Mohit and Kanikka addressed us about their experience of shooting in Bhopal, their arrangements for the character and significantly more…

As a matter of first importance, the shoot is in an alternate area, it’s not in Filmcity or Mumbai however Bhopal. How was the experience?

Kanikka: We are really happy that we are shooting in Bhopal on the grounds that for the two of us it resembles an escape.

Mohit: Everything is distinctive here.

What sort of arrangement/s has gone behind your particular characters?

Kanikka: Both of us must be truly fit. We had to realize how to walk, salute. On the off chance that you have seen the promotion, we are doing things like one hand push-ups, creeping and bouncing which isn’t simple, you must be truly fit for that.

Mohit: For my character, everything comes simple since I am appeared from a non military personnel family while she is from a military foundation. My father is an agent and mother, a housewife, so I am a spoiled youngster. However, indeed, I have lost a little weight for the show.

What freshness would you say you are folks getting to the table?

Kanikka: Everything is new. This is our first TV appear. Our characters are minimal comparative from the principal season yet it’s an alternate story by and large.

Mohit: We are giving our 100 percent with the goal that individuals would disregard looking at. It is altogether different from the principal appear. We have a military background and school life as well.

How was the reaction for the promotions?

Kanikka: The reaction for the promotion was astonishing, it was more than what we anticipated. About the correlation, I mean, you can’t generally prevent the world from contrasting and they have a privilege with think about since it’s season 2. All we know is that we are placing in our best.

Mohit: Actually I felt decent when individuals were remarking on my Instagram posts that we need Namik back, we need Nikita back. I was cheerful in light of the fact that then toward the beginning of the day I used to think like I need to do well at this point. It propels us. On the off chance that individuals are contrasting, at that point you begin giving your best as you can’t fail to meet expectations.

Is it accurate to say that you are folks feeling achy to go home?

Kanikka: When I was in Bombay, I used to return to Delhi at the drop of the cap. Presently, on the grounds that you are shooting regular, you can’t return. Indeed, it gets somewhat achy to go home on occasion yet fortunately we have such great individuals on sets, they have sort of become a family for all us.

Is it true that you are energized for the show?

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