Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Spoiler: Raja Gets Shot; The Show To Take A Leap, Again!

In Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, Raja and Rani’s (Eisha Singh) lives are in danger. As we all know, Rani was forced to drink poison and Raja tries to save her! On the other hand, police is behind Raja.

Rajmaata comes to Raja and Rani’s rescue. Raja and Rajmaata take Rani to the temple and request Baba to cure Rani. While Baba goes to the forest to get herb to cure Rani, Raja sends Rajmaata home. He asks Rajmaata to tell Ambika, not to worry about them.

Rajmaata conveys Raja’s message to Ambika, who gets worried about Raja and Rani. While Rajmaata asks Ambika to not to talk about Raja and Rani in front of anybody, the guard conveys the message about Rajmaata to Iqbal!

Meanwhile, Rani tries to tell about Iqbaal to Raja, but fails to do so!

In the upcoming episode, unaware of Iqbal’s reality, Raja calls him and tells him about their whereabouts. Iqbal informs the police, who reach the spot!

Raja tries to escape, but Rani asks Raja to surrender. When Raja was about to surrender, Iqbal shoots Raja!

Raja loses his balance and falls off the cliff! Is Raja dead?

Rani shatters, as she feels Raja is dead. Iqbal will propose her for marriage.

The show will take a leap. And post leap, Bindu will re-enter the show. According to the reports, Bindu saves Raja!

Will Rani get married to Iqbal?