#EXCLUSIVE: Here’s WHEN Priyank Sharma Will Undergo His Surgery!

Priyank Sharma is one of the most sultry hunks of TV now. The on-screen character who appeared in TV with unscripted TV dramas is good to go to make his web make a big appearance soon with Puncch Beat. However, he is right now experiencing Exostosis and yesterday we detailed that the performing artist will go under the blade soon. Presently, we solely present to you the news when the performing artist will go for the medical procedure.

A source near the performing artist uncovered, “In the wake of finishing his shoot on November 20, he will get conceded and will be under the specialist’s perception on November 25. At that point the specialist will choose when to plan the task. However, doubtlessly it will be done on 25th or 26th.”

The on-screen character has built up an additional bone in his thigh and it is to a great degree agonizing, however he has been shooting and needs to complete it before experiencing the medical procedure. The on-screen character has some earlier duties and hence will join again from 31st December or January 1 yet he won’t move without a doubt.

In the interim, Priyank Sharma’s tune Buzz has crossed an amazing 157 million perspectives. The melody was shot in only two days and was drilled and practiced inside multi day. Sharing about his satisfaction, Priyank told, “The melody has crossed every one of the imprints even in the wake of being a solitary discharge, I am happy to have been a piece of something that individuals cherished so much are as yet listening too more than once.”