EXCLUSIVE! ‘I would love to explore OTT’, Yeh Hai Chahatein’s Tanu Khan OPENS UP on her future plans and more

It was earlier updated that Tanu Khan exited from the show Yeh Hai Chahatein, the gorgeous Mishika’s role has ended in the show as the track has taken a completely different turn. Well now, Tanu is back in the show with a bang and turning the tables upside down with her character Mishika, we rang the gorgeous to know a little more about herself apart from the show, check out what she had to reply.

What are your upcoming plans after the show are you looking out for opportunities in OTT?

Why not! OTT is the next big thing, and everything has been shifted to the platform. I would love to do something there as well. I have been told many times that my acting suits the OTT so yes I would love to do something there as well.

If not acting, what would Tanu be doing as a profession, what made you decide that being an actor was the goal?

Everything happened on its own, you could call it destiny. Becoming an actor wasn’t planned, it just happened. I will not quit acting, it is my passion so I would love to follow it. I am planning to start my youtube channel, and I do invest so yes that could be another avenue. I believe other than actor one should have another source of income too so yes. Acting shall always be my priority though.

YHC saw an adorable trio of Mishika, Ahaana and Sharda, tell us something about it

All I got to say is that we all work for money, but I have earned such good friends Aishwarya and Mallika, they are my 2 am friends. Not only them even Abrar and Sargun are really close to me so yes we have always been like a family and shall always be the same.