Faltu confesses her love to Aayan

Star Plus’ Faltu has kept its audience glued to the show with exciting twists and turns. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to maintain the drama. And the upcoming episode will see a significant confession between Faltu and Aayan.

We have already reported how Aayan exposes Kanika’s intention in front of the Mittal family. He then confronts Tanisha and tells her that he can’t stay with her. Later, Aayan reveals his love for Faltu and proposes to her. And here is where Tanisha divorced Aayan in front of the whole family.

The upcoming episode will see how Faltu will also be confessing her love to Aayan. The whole scene will be a dramatic one. Will Faltu and Aayan be able to be together and get married?

Faltu is a show about a motivational journey of a young woman named Faltu, who now embarks on her journey in cricket to become a renowned cricketer.