Faltu doubts Tanisha; Siddharth learns about Rocky being Faltu in Star Plus show ‘Faltu’

Star Plus show ‘Faltu’ is marching towards an interesting twist. Post Faltu’s operation, she was certain to stay away from Ayan’s life. However, she was compelled to re-enter the Mittal house to find proof against Vishal. Faltu is certain that somebody from the Mittal household helped Vishal in his conspiracy.

Faltu took a disguised look that of a cook Rocky and entered the Mittal house. Faltu as Rocky won everyone’s heart with her culinary skills. In the upcoming episodes, Faltu stops Ayaan from eating a sweet dish as he is allergic to it. However, everyone questions him about knowing about Ayaan’s allergy. This leaves Faltu in fix. But knowing how smart Faltu is, we’re sure she will cook up a story to keep her secret safe from everyone.

Now, India Forums has learned about an interesting twist in the show. Read on to know more!

In the forthcoming episodes of the show, As Holi approaches, Faltu is burdened with housework and is constantly failing to collect evidence. The audiences will witness a few hits and misses between the family members and Faltu where her identity is about to be revealed. Ayan has a doubt that Rocky feels like someone he knows. There will be some accidental romantic moments between them. Tanisha deals with a new problem as Vishal starts blackmailing her for more money and better facilities.

Furthermore, on Holi, Ayan does not participate in the Holi festivities as he is lost thinking about Faltu. He feels guilty that he misunderstood her and she is paying the price by losing her dream. His alter ego tells him that he failed to fulfil his own dream and could not even help Faltu achieve it. The whole family is sad that Ayan has not let anyone put colors on him excusing himself saying he has a fever. In a happy accident, Faltu (Rocky) spills a packet of Gulal on him when he is trying to call Charan Singh. Later, Siddharth figures out that Imarti is Faltu trying to collect evidence and decides to point her to Kanika to end her relationship with Ayan once and for all. Faltu’s doubts turn to Tanisha as she overhears a bit of her conversation with someone, she doubts is Vishal. She decides to collect evidence and expose her.