FINALLY! Is this Srishty Rode’s REPLY to Rohit’s CONFESSION?

The recent days unquestionably have been very memorable for performing artist Rohit Suchanti without a doubt. The man a significant imprint with his spell in Bigg Boss 12 and it is in a similar demonstrate that he met Srishty Rode.

After always denying about creating affections for her, Rohit at long last made an open acknowledgment about her sentiments towards the woman, about which we revealed yesterday.

In any case, the quick inquiry that encompassed was if Srishty feels the equivalent and what will be her answer. Many have endeavored to get an answer yet have been ineffective. In this way, some time back, she posted a picture of herself alongside a subtitle, “You can’t change how individuals feel about you, so don’t attempt. Simply carry on with your life and be cheerful.”

This drove the fans to guess if this was coordinated towards Rohit. In any case, before one would get some information about it, Karanvir Bohra stamped it and revealed to Rohit that here is the appropriate response or so he considers.

Be that as it may, Rohit too appeared to be uncertain as this is what he said-

Srishty never answered to Rohit’s inquiry, so what do you think? Is it or is it not?