Fire Drama in Zee TV’s Guddan : Tumse Na Ho Payega; Guddan Turns SAVIOUR!

Zee TV’s new show Guddan: Tumse Na Ho Payega has turned out to be very mainstream since its origin. The one of a kind storyline and exhibitions has effectively earned the consideration of group of onlookers.

In the up and coming scenes, the show will observer a flame dramatization in the Jindal House where Revati, Guddan’s relative will be stranded. In spite of the flame, Guddan will puts her life in peril and spares Revati. She’ll be seen conveying Revati in her grasp.

Kanika took to Instagram to share the behind the scene film of the scene. She composed a fun inscription which peruses. “Coz we are joined heart to heart, Islie bhaaari ni lagi tum Muje @shristhi_mitra”

Examine her post :

In the on-going track, Antara’s sibling Vikram Rawat (Jatin Shah) asks Akshat (Nishant Malkani) for a bout and keeping in mind that battling, they begin contending as Rawat blames AJ for Antara’s homicide and captures him. While Guddan and every other person is stunned.

With AJ’s capture, a noteworthy show is normal in the coming scenes as Guddan will investigate every possibility in demonstrating AJ’s blamelessness and bring him back.

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