Five reasons to watch ‘Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2’

Pooja Gor and Arhaan Behll’s “Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya” was declared a landmark show not just for its brilliant storyline, but also for the performances by the entire cast. Be it the aggressive Krishna, the fierce Pratigya, or the authoritative Sajjan Singh, each character in the show gave it their own unique flavour, making it a complete package. And now that the show has returned after nine years the audience can expect no less.

Titled “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2”, the show went on-air with a bang on Star Bharat. While generally in a daily soap the first episode is used to introduce the characters and set their backgrounds, the makers of “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2” took a different approach and gave quite a shocker to the audience by setting up the base for the upcoming tracks where Pratigya and Krishna’s son Garv accidentally hits someone.

What follows next is a father’s promise to save his son from everything including his mother and lawyer Pratigya. Though Pratigya will still be raising her voice against any injustice in this season too, this time it’s going to be a personal.

The gripping storyline is enough to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, but if you are still not convinced, here are five reasons why “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2” is a must watch.

Pratigya and Krishna’s unique chemistry: Pratigya and Krishna’s story is not your usual love story which starts with hate and ends with love. Even though Pratigya loves Krishna a lot, she doesn’t shy away from pointing out his mistakes or stand up for herself when he does something wrong. While Krishna can be as aggressive and violent as he can get, the key to his calm is Pratigya. Their chemistry is unique in the sense that other than the guns and pistols, Pratigya and Krishna are like a next-door couple where there is pure, innocent love, and less emphasis on the eye contact, the hand touches, etc.

Sajjan Singh: The first promo of the show featured the powerful Thakur Sajjan Singh promising to take control of the whole of India. Sajjan Singh, played by Anupam Shyam, became one of the top villains in the history of Indian television. His authoritative tone, his strong screen presence and especially the way he rubs his eyes with his thumbs, makes him one of the most powerful characters on TV today.

Women empowerment: The show has always been about women empowerment, but it has never taken the typical route to show it. So be it Pratigya fighting for her rights in season 1, or recently in season 2, when Pratigya asked her young sister-in-law, who is a widow, to play Holi if she wants to and not care about the world, the show has always promoted women and their rights.

A complete package: “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2” is not your typical daily soap, which will you make you laugh in phases, or there are happy and sad moments divided in different episodes. Even amidst the nail-biting storyline and heavy drama, the episodes leave you feeling with various emotions at the same time. There is heroism, love for family, the determination to take a stand and lots of drama, making it a complete package.

Rajan Shahi + Pearl Grey: For the second season two big names of the industry Rajan Shahi and Pearl Grey have come together to give the audience a show that will become a milestone in the history of Indian television once again. While Shahi is producing the show under his banner Director’s Kut Productions, Grey is spearheading the show as the writer, creative producer and showrunner. Grey had produced the first season of the show, and Shahi has given the audience some addictive shows like “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” and “Anupamaa”, to name some, so going by their history, “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2” is definitely a class apart and a must watch. Shahi’s magical touch of picturesque locations with grand sequences and Grey’s creative vision have made the show visually as well as audibly appealing.