Former Bigg Boss contestant Akash Dadlani lends support to Pratik Sehajpal

As Bigg Boss 15 witnessed another extension, the bad season when it comes to numbers only picked up a little bit in the last couple of weeks.

So far, as we have seen, many celebrities from the outside have come forward and expressed as to who have veen their favorites after all. Joining this list now is singer Akash Dadlani, who was a part of Bigg Boss 11.

Dadlani has come forward to lend support to current Bigg Boss 15 contestant, Pratik Sehajpal.

Talking about it with ETimes TV, Dadlani said, “I met Pratik when he was on the reality show Ace of Space hosted by Vikas Gupta. I was invited on the show as a celebrity guest to promote my new music video “Bang Bang”. I got to meet all the individuals but Pratik stood out the most and we became brothers.”

He added, “Pratik and I spoke about work, success and hard work. We spoke about Bigg Boss and my journey. I told him about the ups and downs. The main thing that I told him was always be yourself and always fight for your rights. And if you ever think you are wrong, ask for forgiveness. And if you can help someone, and with that help, the situation can get better.”

He added further, “I told Pratik that the most important thing is you are not there to make Salman and the housemates happy…that’s just a small thing, the main thing is to make INDIA Happy and win INDIA’S Heart.”

For many, Sehajpal has been a strong contender and might have a bright chance to win as well.