Ganesh Chaturthi 2020: Dangal actors pray for everybody’s safety and eradication of the virus

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the greatest Indian celebrations which recognizes the introduction of Lord Ganesha. Individuals praise this propitious celebration with a great deal of intensity and energy. Affectionately called as Ganpati Bappaor elephant god is considered as the God of beginnings and the remover of hindrances. Numerous entertainers likewise bring home the icon and welcome all their loved ones. This event is the harbinger of supplications, solidarity, harmony, heaps of good food, and warm social gatherings.

The circumstance this year is by all accounts unique in relation to common confining the mass festival, however not the slightest bit has hosed the soul of the celebration and its lovers. Here is a brief look at how the entertainers of Dangal Channel are observing Ganesh Utsav 2020 by adjusting to the new typical.

Dayashankar Pandey – Mahima Shani Dev Ki

Pandemic has shown me the significance of our condition and in this way, without precedent for a long time, I will bring an eco-accommodating icon of Ganpati at my place. This year, because of rules and guidelines, the stature of our godlike object will be 2 feet rather than 4 feet so the drenching can happen advantageously inside my structure premises. We won’t step out for visarjan to keep up social separating. Typically, Ganesh Chaturthi is a fabulous festival at our place, at the same time, remembering the circumstance, this year we will have a calm festival. Just close family members will be returning home for darshan. Sanitizers and other prudent steps will be dealt with. I will be expressly sending photos of the symbol to each one of the individuals who won’t have the option to visit us. Additionally, our pandit ji who does the pooja is as of now at his old neighborhood in Uttar Pradesh and in this manner he will recount the mantras through cell phone. This year, we will keep our beautifications additionally straightforward. Stuffed parcels of prasad will be saved for the lovers who visit us to stay away from hazard factors. What I will miss the most this year is meeting and investing energy with my companions during the celebration. I implore and trust Lord Ganesha, our Vighnaharta, stops our sufferings due to coronavirus.

Sneha Wagh – Jyoti

Being a Maharashtrian, Ganesh Chaturthi is a major celebration for us. It is where the whole family meets up. For the most part, Ganpati Sthaapna occurs at the oldest part in the family and all the families meet there. Anyway this year things will be altogether different and dull. This year would be the first-ever Ganpati where the festival would be so stifled. I will miss the music, individuals moving in the city, the home visits, and by and large the whole vibe of the celebration. Then again everyone is cognizant and wellbeing for everybody starts things out and in this way there will be no or negligible travel. At the maximum, one delegate from every family would proceed to offer appreciation. I might likewise want to make a true solicitation to each and every individual who observes Ganesh Chaturthi in a major manner to be amazingly cautious about their development which won’t just be alright for themselves yet additionally their relatives. We ought to guarantee we don’t become overzealous and be reasonable with our commitment to Lord Ganesha.

Aparna Dixit – Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi

I am amped up for Ganesh Chaturthi. In any case, this year we must be extra cautious due to the pandemic circumstance and ought to keep away from mass social occasions while commending this celebration. Discussing my recollections, when I moved into this city, I saw that individuals are extremely excited about this celebration. Feeling that vitality, I turned out to be eager to commend the celebration consistently. I ensure I visit each companion’s home who brings home the symbol regardless of whether I am occupied with my shoots, But this year I’m going to miss all that. I am certain everybody is going to miss the dhol, move, and assembling during Ganpati visarjan. Be that as it may, this year I won’t empower this. It is important to stay away from enormous festivals and social event as wellbeing starts things out. I demand everybody to please deal with yourself and be sheltered. We will commend this celebration with unadulterated commitment and confidence. I wish all of you an exceptionally upbeat Ganesh Chaturthi.

Pooja Singh – Aye Mere Humsafar

I have had the favorable luck to visit and appeal to the exceptionally celebrated Lalbaugcha raja. Throughout the years I have consistently visited every one of my companions who bring Bappa home. I truly like the idea of Ganesh Chaturthi and the sentiment of celebration which accompanies it as it gives everybody, family, and companions a chance to take a break from an incredibly bustling life and visit one another, despite the fact that it is simply once per year. This year it will be distinctive as this is the first occasion when I would get Bappa home. At the point when I had first came to Mumbai, I had guaranteed Bappa that when I become an entertainer and purchase my own home I will bring him home. With his gifts, this year that fantasy has been satisfied. While I have held an open welcome to all loved ones and as much I would cherish them to stay with my new house and meet Bappa I am additionally aware of everybody’s wellbeing. I would likewise demand everybody to be protected and not adventure out Pandal bouncing. I’m certain Bappa might want us to be reasonable and not add to the current emergency. We should hold our energies for one year from now and celebrate with twofold the eagerness. I will go to Lord Ganesha that he encourages us discover an answer for the current circumstance.

Alan Kapoor – Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi

Consistently, I by and large visit my companions who bring Bappa home. For certain years I had additionally brought Ganpati home and had one of the most filtering encounters. Other than imploring Lord Ganesha, this celebration gives us motivation to meet numerous companions at any rate once per year. I truly love this event and feel this offers us a chance to join with each other. Anyway this year things will be extraordinary. Lamentably, we won’t have the option to praise it with a similar enthusiasm and intensity in gatherings, however the emotions inside every individual will continue as before. I would encourage all aficionados of Lord Ganesha to be cognizant and utilize just eco-accommodating Ganesh Idols. Utilizing non-degradable material has an exceptionally grave effect on marine life and I’m certain Bappa wouldn’t need us to inconvenience some other species. I am an enormous fanatic surprisingly who have been so imaginative in making eco-accommodating symbols and absolutely bolster them for their innovativeness. For each one of the individuals who are wanting to move out at pandals or visit their loved ones, it’s a solicitation to please submit to the wellbeing rules and abstain from social occasion in gatherings to guarantee we commend this flawless celebration securely.

Rahul Sharma – Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi

Like each year, I will follow the standard ceremonies of venerating Lord Ganesha. Indeed, back home in Rajasthan, the young men apply henna on this event. So even I used to do it till I was around 16 years of age. In the wake of moving here, I was unable to keep a symbol at home as I live alone, yet I used to visit every one of my companions’ places and appreciated the scrumptious prasad and food in the wake of revering the Lord. So it was a great deal of enjoyable to meet everybody, to visit and see delightful icons, and so forth. However, this year, obviously, that won’t be conceivable. I trust we can meet Bappa one year from now. To every one of the individuals who are bringing home the symbol, I demand you all to bring eco-accommodating icons. It will support nature and you can likewise inundate the symbol at home which will assist you with remaining safe from the crown. If it’s not too much trouble avoid potential risk and appreciate the celebration securely.

Sheetal Maulik – Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi

I will visit my dearest companions who carry icons to their place. Whoever I can’t meet I will make a point to take Bappa’s darshan through video calls. I will in any event attempt to go to the aarti of the icon got my lodging society. This year we can’t meet numerous individuals. We can’t visit various houses and huge pandals for darshan.I will miss the group, dhol, move, visarjan, that whole merry mind-set, sprucing up, going out thus a lot more things. Be that as it may, I think during this pandemic we need to accept the way things are and consider our wellbeing first. I love this celebration a great deal. I love to celebrate in a stupendous manner yet I will propose everybody this year to remain at home. It isn’t important to proceed to meet Lord Ganesha yet to attempt to implore with all the confidence. Our petitions will be heard. If it’s not too much trouble be at home, be sheltered, and please deal with yourself. I wish all of you an exceptionally Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

Hemant Thatte – Aye Mere Humsafar

We bring an eco-accommodating symbol of Lord Ganesh consistently and we will do a similar this year also. At first, we used to go to a close by falsely lake to drench the symbol, however since a year ago we like to do it on our own porch. It is our little advance to spare the earth. It is one celebration we as a whole sit tight for throughout the entire year however I would encourage the individuals to remain at home this year and not assemble and visit a great deal of spots. What’s more, to deal with themselves. What’s more, to each one of the individuals who bring Lord Ganesh to their homes, I would demand them to bring just eco-accommodating symbols and submerge them in counterfeit lakes. This will assist us with making one major stride towards a more advantageous condition.

All things considered, it is sheltered to state that nothing can prevent one from commending this propitious celebration. We trust that supplications are replied by Bappa soon and life continues back to ordinary by and by. May the gifts of Lord Ganesha consistently showers upon us.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!