Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Virat gets furious on seeing Sai; decides to withdraw Vinu’s treatment from her

Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ has been entertaining the fans since the beginning. The show has recently taken a major turn with a leap of few years. Sai is alive and staying with her daughter Savi who’s constantly wanting to know about her father. Meanwhile Virat has married Pakhi but they don’t live like a happy couple as they are married only for Vinayak.

The ardent fans of Virat and Sai are waiting with batted breaths for Virat and Sai coming face to face. In the upcoming episodes, Virat and Vinayak leave to meet Savi and her doctor mother for the treatment. The duo will soon come face to face.

While fans can’t wait for episode of their meeting to be telecast, we get to you a little spoiler from the show. Read on to know what will happen after Sai and Virat come face to face.

So, Virat will be shocked to see Dr. Sai Joshi standing right in front of his eyes. Sai too will be appalled to see Virat as Vinayak’s father. They both would stand shocked but Virat will soon lose his calm and will storm off the place along with Vinayak. Virat will state that Sai cannot do Vinayak’s treatment. This will leave everyone stunned. Savi runs towards Virat’s car calling his and Vinayak’s name but Virat turns a blind eye to little Savi.

Sai will be heartbroken as Virat didn’t even speak to her after meeting her after so many years.

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