Harshad Chopda on YRKKH co-star Pranali: She is an enthusiast and that is the binding force between us

Harshad Chopda aka Abhimanyu from Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been receiving a lot of love for his role in the show and in fact, continues to be in the news for all the right reasons. Apart from his performance, there’s also the chemistry with Pranali Rathod that has been received extremely well.

India Forums got in touch with the actor and asked him about how does he feel about it and he tells us, ”I thank the viewers for receiving us well, especially with a 13 year old legacy of the show. Pranali is an enthusiast and that is the binding force between us.”

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We also quickly asked him how does he approach scenes that he doesn’t agree to and he says, ”I would agree on any scene if its required and done tastefully.” Lastly, we also asked him what is the kind of work he wishes to do and is web something he wants to explore. He says, ”Yes, I would love to explore the world of web platforms if it is good work and if the script requries me and if I have the time.”

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episodes, Akshara will get affected after assisting an accident case. She gets flashes of her mother’s death. She gets emotional and hugs Abhimanyu. He asks her to take care. Akshara thinks of the incidence that changed her life and made Aarohi against her. Amid all of this, we will also see how Akshara and Abhi enjoy the time and dance fearlessly. Later, Akshu confesses her love for Abhimanyu.