Here’s why Vandana Pathak could NOT play Jayshree in ‘Khichdi’ initially!

The interesting bones are good to go to be stimulated genuine soon, as Star Plus brings back a standout amongst the most adored shows ever, Khichdi on the little screen again, and we surely can’t contain our energy.

In any case, what has been the most charming thing about Khichdi is the way the first key cast of the show is held and we don’t need to perceive any ‘substitutions.’

Furthermore, we say this absolutely in light of the fact that, we saw on-screen character, Vandana Pathak being supplanted as Jayshree, when the creators made Khichdi: The Movie, where Nimisha Vakharia assumed the part at that point.

Since Vandana is back as Jayshree, we asked her for what valid reason she couldn’t play Jayshree back when the motion picture was made. To this, she stated, “I was occupied with a play around then, which was doing ponders and was a huge hit. There was, where we needed to do more than 30 demonstrates a month and go to better places for the same. J D Majethia and myself attempted our level best from our finishes to work things out, yet it just wouldn’t be conceivable. Be that as it may, now I am back with Khichdi and I couldn’t have been more joyful.”

We asked her, in the event that she had any anxiety about playing Jayshree once more, to which she stated, “Completely. I was exceptionally anxious on the primary day of shoot, as I would play Jayshree after a break. When I landed on the sets on the main day, I was to a great degree glad, however thinking about whether I could be the quintessential Jayshree once more. That is when Aatish Kapadia instructed me to change into the ensemble of Jayshree and check in the event that I am having a similar inclination. Be that as it may, once, I changed into my outfit and make-up and when I went ahead the sets, I swear I was Jayshree instantly. The various musings at that point blurred away.”

Not that we at any point questioned Vandana’s ability, but rather it is stunning to know how the on-screen character had returned to being Jayshree once more.

Incidentally, this time around, with evolving times, Jayshree is additionally a little propelled with regards to innovation. We now will see her with a bluetooth headset rather than a cordless telephone!

Bhagwan! It is safe to say that you are anticipating seeing Vandana Pathak otherwise known as Jayshree in the show? Tell us in the remarks beneath…