Hunar Gandhi Walks Out of Patiala Babes!

Sony TV;s prominent every day cleanser Patiala Babes has earned its place among one of the vibe great cheerful show with a significant social message. The show is about ladies strengthening and highlights Paridhi Sharma, Aniruddha Dave and Ashnoor Kaur in the number one spot jobs. The storyline of the show is about a demure, youthful and respectful lady whose spouse leaves her for another and her savvy little girl underpins her to wind up free.

The principle characters as well as the supporting characters are cherished by watchers as well. Be that as it may, we have a miserable news for the fanatics of the show as on-screen character Hunar Gandhi has left the show. The on-screen character who plays Meeta in the show will before long say farewell to the show because of imaginative disappointment. Talking with Time Of India, the on-screen character shared, “When I acknowledged the job of Meeta, it wasn’t just about playing the other lady. The character had various shades. She was certainly not an adverse individual, yet someone who needed to keep everybody upbeat. I enjoyed the character on the grounds that not at all like what we see unfailingly, the other lady here was not appeared as the vamp. My track started well, yet soon there was not really anything left for me to do on the show. They even needed me to play a mother however I rejected as I would not like to play a mother for this specific job. Along these lines, however there was a pregnancy track on the show, I was guaranteed that they will before long bring a premature delivery edge and I would not need to play mother.”

The on-screen character was shocked to realize that her character finished all of a sudden. The producers have arranged he r exit as Meeta leaves for London while she is as yet pregnant. Further discussing it she stated, “It was disillusioning in light of the fact that I was guaranteed something and what in the end turned out was altogether different. I never needed to stop. Because I disclosed to them I would prefer not to play a mother, they chose to chop out my job medium-term. It is strange to the point that Meeta, who was depicted as this autonomous and resilient lady, will return to London like a defeatist. Anyway, I am upbeat that I was a piece of a demonstrate that is moving for ladies. I am appreciative to the producers that they offered me this job. Television is an extraordinary medium to be a piece of, yet on occasion there is no lucidity about how your job will take care of business later on. That is the pitiful part.”

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