I end up laughing during romantic scenes with Neil Bhatt: Ayesha Singh of ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’

Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ is getting all the love and adulations from the fans. The viewers are in the awe of Virat and Sai’s crackling chemistry. The fans lovingly call them #SaiRat. Actors Ayesha Singh and Neil Bhatt have been receiving rave reviews for their performance in the show.

India Forums connected with the most wanted couple Neil and Ayesha as #SaiRat and ask them to reveal a few fun secrets. We asked the duo about their first impressions of each other. Neil said, “Well, when I met Ayesha, I believed that she’s a little reserved. Also, I don’t know why, I guessed that she must be an avid book reader, which proved to be right as Ayesha is fond of reading books. I remember asking her that time whether she likes to read books and she had said yes”.

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Ayesha said, “I was a little nervous to be around him. We met during the mock shoot and I was a little nervous and all over the place. Although I felt better after Neil comforted me. I believed he very sweet and a gentleman which he certainly is”.

Speaking about laughing during scenes, Ayesha added, “I laugh during romantic scenes because of which we go for a few retakes. Whenever there’s a close-up of a romantic scene, wherein we come really close face to face, I burst out in laughter. At times, Neil looks at me during such scenes and he knows that I would laugh any moment”.

The duo answered a few more fun questions which you can catch in the video attached below.

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