I want to look stylish even on the last day of my life: Rubina Dilaik on her fashion statement in ‘KKK 12’

Needless to say, Rubina Dilaik is one of the most stylish actresses on the Indian Television. The actress is often seen experimenting with her style and also recieves a lot of love from her fans for the same. Rubina, who is currently shooting for the upcoming season of ‘Khatron ke khiladi’ in Capetown, got in an exclusive conversation with India Forums and spilled her heart out on the show, the stunts and her style game. When we asked Rubina about her journey so far in the show, the actress said,

”My journey so far in the show has been full of experiences. Everyday is a new day, everyday is a new experience and that is what I am living here. This experience is sometimes scary too, but by the end of each stunt I tell myself ‘Yay,’ I did it.”

Ask the actress about discovering her biggest fear in the show and she says,

”Now that that stunt is over, I’ll be very honest with you. My biggest fear was creepy crawlies. You make me play with Tigers, You throw me in a clan of Lions, I’ll still do the stunt. I am not as scared of them as I am of those tiny creepy crawlies. I somewhere feel that I have not completely overcome the fear of it.”

We revealed to Rubina that in a fun segment with India Forums, almost every contestant gave her the tag of the ‘ultimate diva’ of the show and asked her how does she manage to look so effortlessly classy all the time. All smiles, the actress went ahead to add,

”I believe clothes and look is all about the confidence. It is all about how confident you are. Trust me on the fact, when the show was offered to me and when I got to know the country in which the show was going to be shot, I did my research about the weather here. One thing I was very clear in my head was that I wanted to style myself in such a way that I could wear warmers inside. Because, if I’d fight and struggle in the cold, it would show on my face. To me, comfort comes first. In terms of fashion and style, I’ve never believed that just by wearing short clothes you look sexy. I think you can look sexy and hot even when you’re wearing full clothes.”

Rubina, who went on a shopping spree in Capetown spoke about it to us and said,

”To me, with every new day, I want to opt for a new look. I put in a lot of effort in making myself look different everytime I dress up. I came here with excess luggage and picked up a lot of stuff from here. If this is my last day, I want to look stylish. You know how they say anyday can be your last day. I do not want to look dull and lull on my last day, this is my motto in life. I want to give in my best everyday, no matter what comes my way.”

Not just her fashion statements, Rubina has been upping her game in all her stunts too and is one of the strongest contestant on the show so far. Khatron ke khiladi 12 will go on air from the 2nd of July on Colors TV.