I’m sure to learn a lot from him; professionally & personally: Ranveer Singh Malik about Shabir Alhuwalia

Actor Ranveer Singh Malik, who is currently seen as Rahul, actor Shabir Ahluwalia’s younger brother in Prateek Sharma’s Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, is excited to be part of the show. The actor says that he shares a great bond with Shabir and is concentrating on learning a great deal from him.

“Although we have worked before for the same production house, that is Balaji telefilms, this is the first time we are meeting in a show and working together and it’s awesome. He is such a gem of a person and I am sure I will get to learn tons of things from him, not only about acting but life as well. We often play games in between scenes when we have the time. It’s fun working with him and I must praise him for how he manages to balance work, family and his health as well. This is something that I have to learn from him,” he says.

The actor says that while working with popular names helps in getting fame, it adds pressure as well. “Working with an established artist does help in gaining popularity as we also get highlighted and easily get attention. But it’s also our responsibility to perform as it depends on us how nicely we carry a scene forward. If we don’t perform well, it can go either way and people can bash us too,” he says.

Ranveer plays a negative character in the show but is not worried that he will get typecast in this particular type of role. “An actor’s job is to perform whatever role he or she is given. Earlier, people used to get typecast by playing specific roles. But after the web series trend, more types of characters came up. In fact, sometimes people start loving characters that are very different from the typical hero. It all depends on how good you perform and how the public can relate to you. I played a positive role in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and now I am playing a negative character in this show,” he says.