Imlie: Aryan gets arrested; Imlie’s truth to be revealed

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Imlie learning that Jyoti is the person who’s behind creating a rift between her and Aryan. She is now determined to prove to Aryan about Jyoti’s actions and make him realise that Madhav is innocent and the baby she has conceived belongs to Aryan.

In the upcoming episodes, Aryan talks to Jyoti and tells her that he will not let anyone do wrong with Imlie and will punish the person himself. Jyoti gets scared. Imlie as Kairi gets into a dilemma regarding knowing Jyoti’s future conspiracies. She tries to befriend Jyoti in her style. Jyoti gives her wine to drink which she manages to throw.

Aryan reaches Madhav’s building and sees the building catching fire. Harry recalls putting the building on fire and framing Aryan for the same. Aryan gets arrested in charges to attempt to kill Madhav. At Rathore mansion, Jyoti is about to reveal her plan to Kairi but Harry comes there and asks her to not trust a servant like Kairi. He asks Kairi to leave.

Imlie gets a call from Aryan’s lawyer stating that he has been arrested. IMlie asks him to manage until she reaches there. As Kairi, Imlie enters the police station as a cleaning staff and reaches Aryan’s cell. They talk. Kairi asks Aryan as to why he went to see Madhav. Aryan hesitates but tells her that there’s an issue between him and Imlie because of Madhav and he went there to learn the truth from Madhav.

Furthermore, Kairi’s real identity as Imlie gets revealed in front of Harry.