Imlie: Aryan overjoyed with Imlie’s pregnancy; Jyoti tries to harm Imlie

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Aryan and Imlie’s blooming romance. Recently, Aryan expressed his love Imlie and she reciprocated the love leaving the fans in awe of their crackling chemistry. Jyoti, Nila and Gudiya are trying hard to separate Aryan and Imlie. In the previous episode, Imlie took a bite of the food and feel uneasy. She rushes to the bathroom.

In the upcoming episode, Nila announces that Imlie is pregnant. Imlie takes a pregnancy test. Aryan gets anxious and thinks that he doesn’t want to become a father until Arpita gives a good news but he thinks that he will respect Imlie’s feelings. Imlie comes out and shows the positive test kit to Aryan. He gets excited and informs everyone. Narmada, Arpita and Sundar rejoice while Nila, Gudiya and Jyoti frown.

Aryan imagines Imlie being pregnant and Narmada performing her pre-pregnancy rituals. He imagines Imlie delivering a baby. Arpita shakes him and he gets back to reality. Narmada gets happy.

Nila asks Jyoti to pack her stuff and leave as she couldn’t separate Aryan and Imlie. Gudiya tells her that within a week Imlie got pregnant and they’ll soon become parents. Jyoti loses her cool and pins Gudiya towards a couple and states that the baby is still not born and that she still has time to separate the duo.

Furthermore, Jyoti makes Imlie fall from a swing.