Imlie: Atharva and Cheeni plan to elope; Rudra catches them red-handed

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Cheeni breaking her marriage with Jatin. Imlie supports her and asks the groom’s family to leave. Cheeni wants to humiliate Imlie in front of everyone and thus she wants Atharva to announce about his feelings.

In the upcoming episodes, Cheeni tries to instigate Atharva into expressing his feelings but at the nick of the time, things take another turn and he is unable to express his thoughts. This makes Cheeni upset. Cheeni talks to herself and expresses that Atharva couldn’t say what he feels for her. She gets a letter from Atharva. He asks her to meet him at the temple the next day. Cheeni gets excited.

Now, in the forthcoming episodes, Atharva and Cheeni will plan to elope and get married in a temple. On the other hand, Atharva’s father Rudra learns about Cheeni breaking her marriage. The family fears Atharva getting close to Cheeni. Rudra is quite stressed and want to make sure that Atharva gets married to Imlie only.

Furthermore, Rudra will catch Atharva and Cheeni red-handed while they elope to get hitched in a temple. Will Imlie get to know the truth about Atharva and Cheeni? What will she do if she finds out? Only time will tell.