Imlie: Cheeni ends up at Rathore mansion; Imlie panics

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ has kept the viewers hooked to the TV screens. The current track of the show revolves around Cheeni learning about Imlie and Aryan’s past and determining to bring them back together. Chenni hid in Aryan’s car and ended up at Rathore house.

In the upcoming episodes, Aryan and Cheeni reach at the Rathore mansion. Cheeni gets flabbergasted seeing the house. She hides from everyone. Aryan meets Preeta and tells her that there’s no scope for them together and hence she should focus on her life and career. Preeta gets angry. Aryan meets Narmada, Arpita and everyone. They ask him about Imlie. Aryan informs that Imlie is doing fine a living with Meethi and a distant relative’s kid who’s very cute. Aryan clarifies to everyone that he can’t get back together with Imlie.

Imlie panics as she couldn’t find Cheeni. Meethi asks her to call Aryan. After contemplating, she calls Aryan. Aryan recalls all the memories seeing the call. He sees the news of Cheeni missing in news and calls Imlie. They share concern about the same. Aryan tells her that nothing will happen to Cheeni.

Aryan wonders on Cheeni’s whereabouts and that’s when Cheeni talks to Aryan. He gets shocked seeing her in front of him and asks her about how she ended up at the house. Cheeni tells him that she was in his car. She badmouths Imlie and sense Aryan getting affected. Furthermore, Aryan decides to hide Cheeni from the members of the family.