Imlie: Rudra to not expose Cheeni; Imlie finds out that Rudra is protecting Atharva’s lover

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite exciting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Atharva getting close to Imlie while Cheeni is upset witnessing the same.

In the upcoming episodes, Cheeni devices a plan to take revenge from Rudra. She gives him a card which has a bomb planted in it. The moment Rudra would open the card, a blast would happen which will injure him. The family goes for the award function wherein Imlie learns about the bomb. She gets determined to save everyone from the blast.

In the upcoming episodes, Imlie goes out of her way to save Rudra and Cheeni from the blast but Rudra get injured. Imlie learns that somebody is against her happiness and is jealous of her love life with Atharva and tries to find clues to expose the person. She asks Rudra to reveal about the person behind the blast.

Rudra instead of revealing the truth about Cheeni states that his business rivals tried to harm him. It will be further revealed how Cheeni asked him to do so by showing him that Atharv can do anything for her and if he tells the truth to anyone, she can make Atharv do things which would turn out bad for him.

Imlie strongly feels that something is not right and ends up crashing the rivals’ office. When she realizes that Rudra lied to her, she investigates further and finds out that Rudra did this to protect some girl who is in love with Atharv.

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