Indian Idol 12: Aditya Narayan post Amit Kumar’s statement: People only complain about those who are in news

Indian Idol 12 host Aditya Narayan has been in the news for a while now, especially given the ongoing controversies around Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar. Recently, the show paid a tribute to the late singer and Amit was a part of the episode as a special guest. Post the episode, Amit Kumar revealed that he was told that he must praise everyone irrespective of how they peform. To this, Aditya said that the concerns should have been expressed on the sets itself.

Now, elaborating on the issue, Narayan spoke to The Times of India once again and said, “People only complain about those who are in news and are successful, and by the grace of God, this season of Indian Idol has been hugely successful. We are artistes, be it a dance reality show or a singing reality show, it is only full of people who are potential art-makers of the future and art is subjective. It is not like you have scored a hundred so you become the best player. Some may like the singing of one person while others may not like it, and everybody is entitled to their opinion. So, all I would say is that we are always trying our best to honour music and musicians and the good part is that the majority of our audience loves our show.”

He further mentioned how they cannot please everyone and they don’t aim to do so either as it is impossible. He said that their TV show is not for social media and is meant for those who watch television, therefore, they want to put the best foot forward. While he believes that everyone’s opinions should be considered, he added that the tribute episode did well and he also mentioned that they are not competing with Kishore Kumar, they are just celebrating him.

He also spoke about reality shows, if they help and both, upside as well as the downside to it. Aditya says that there are more upsides than the other and he has been a part of it for a decade and a half and has seen a lot of people with potential be nowhere. He feels that they are like being launched by big directors and one knows that they are getting the eyeballs. However, he feels that while that is there, it is upon the individual about how they make it.

He believes that not everyone wishes to be number one and it is easy to say that they want to be the best but one has to make sacrifices to get there. He said that people often tell him how it is easy for him as he is Udit Narayan’s son, but he just has to tell them that he has a foot in the door and it is necessary for the whole body to be in the door. He mentioned having dealt with rejections as well.

He added further how people have often come to him for help and he does whatever he can if he believes in them and also helps them out. However, he added that in the end, people do what they want. He feels that people need to understand and acknowledge that they need help, especially when there have been instances of singers slipping into depression when they fail to make it. He mentioned how even today, he gets nervous when he is on stage, for he has a lot of things to care about, including the ratings, competition, controversies, reputation to protect, and so on and so forth.