Iqbal Khan continues shooting for ‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’ despite being unwell

Iqbal Khan is back in action with his much-awaited show Na Umra Ki Seema Ho, where he plays the main lead. The actor is loved by the audience for his character Dev in the show.

Recently though, it was known that Iqbal is not well. A source close from the set inform us that Iqbal is suffering from high fever but still, being fully committed to the shoot, the actor didn’t take time off and continued shooting.

The actor portrays the role of Dev in the show and is paired with actress Rachana Mistry. Na Umra Ki Seema Ho hit the small screen about two months ago, and the viewers love it. It is an enduring love story with a mixture of drama, entertainment and romance The show has entertained the audiences with it’s beautiful and intriguing plot since its start and now has completed its 50 episodes which arrays how far it has come.

Iqbal has been a part of the showbiz world for a very long time now, and has managed to establish a name for himself.

We wish Iqbal a speedy recovery.