Isha Malviya ecstatic on Udaariyaan making it to top 5: Getting to the top is easy, maintaining is difficult

Isha Malviya aka Jasmine of Udaariyaan, has been receiving a lot of love from the fans, and so has the show. The show has managed to clock in a whopping 2.7 points in the weekly TRPs, therefore making it to the top 5 for this week. While the show has been witnessing a gradual increase in the numbers, this is quite the feat, to say the least.

India Forums got in touch with Isha and had a quick conversation with her. Read it here.

How overwhelmed are you with the feat?

I am feeling amazing and the hard work has paid off. It is good to be a part of the show and because it was my debut show, it is also special. We can’t concentrate on our scenes as well, because we are so excited right now.

How has the journey so far been for you?

Nobody thought that I will ever be able to be a part of this field so it is very shocking for everyone that I am in Udaariyaan, which is also a show that is touching high. It has just been 6 months and the show is going super great. The journey for me has been amazing, because Priyanka and Ankit have been acting for the past few years and their family knows, and they are habitual with everything, but every day and every experience is new for me. I always want to learn, and it was always my dream to see myself on TV, and for my mom, everything is about my mom, me being here, I really want to thank both my parents for being a part of my journey and they have always been supportive since I was two years old.

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Now that the show has made it to the top 5, what would you is is the kind of pressure on you?

Of course, pressure is there to perform really well, and to carry the role according to the phase, plus to perform being in your own characters, plus to do them better than we were before, and give our 200%, and that is what our mindset is right now. Gaining 2.7 points is very easy but maintaining that is very difficult so we have to understand that we have to maintain this scenario and that is the pressure. We need to really well, the very first thing we thought was we will take less time in getting ready and more time in working in order to shoot more.

What do fans have in store ahead?

I would like to say that the plot twist in the next week itself is going to be really really shocking and the fans will be thrilled. Someone is coming, and that is the hint I want to give them, and that will be a shock for all the fans of Udaariyaan, hence I want them to stay connected.