Ishqbaaz written update August 29, 2017: Shivaay and Anika decide to unite Om and Gauri

In the most recent scene of Ishqbaaz, everybody is glad for Anika and Shivaay’s gathering. They nourish cake to each other. Dadi requests that Shivaay and Anika remain away till they get hitched. Shivaay says it’s not reasonable but rather consents to her. At the point when Pinky enters, Shivaay leaves the stay with Anika. Shakti discloses to Pinky it is her blame. She has now lost her child.

Shivaay admits to Om he never thought he’d be enamored. In any case, he is currently stricken with Anika. Om instructs him to go and trust his emotions in Anika, the lady he adores. Shivaay discloses to him he will, when the time is correct. They embrace each other.

Following day, Shivaay is in the kitchen when Anika enters and starts to prod him. They utilize senseless terms of charms for each other. Taking a gander at Om and Gauri’s clumsiness with each other, they choose to join them. When they start to get comfortable, Dadi enters and sends them in two unique ways.

While Bhavya is conveying a bowl ground floor, she slips. Rudra gets her and reveals to her how he will dependably act the hero. Bhavya lets him know not to flaunt. She is in the police and can deal with herself. She slips again and Rudra holds her once more. He prods her for a similar which influences Bhavya to grin.

Anika and Shivaay to get hitched in Ishqbaaz

According to their arrangement, Shivaay goes to Gauri and discloses to her that he feels Om doesn’t esteem her or value her. Subsequently, she should quit pursuing him. Then again, Anika advises Om to do the inverse and be sweet to Gauri. Om does likewise and discovers Gauri’s conduct towards him very peculiar. He soon finds it is Anika and Shivaay’s arrangement to join them and chooses to show them a lesson.

Dadi gets Anika and Shivaay drawing near to each other once more. Om at that point draws a line among them and every relative starts to take a side – either Anika’s or Shivaay’s.

Elsewehere, Jhanvi still thinks Peter and Kaveri are Tej and Svetlana. She meets a man, who knows her, and is prepared to offer assistance. They start to search for prompts to know reality.

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