Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain’s Akshita Mudgal: Women too, must be given the opportunity to spread their wings

Zee TV show Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain is one that is sure to make many reconsider their approach towards women achieving more than their male counterparts. Such is the conundrum of Paragi Parashar, the female protagonist of Zee TV’s fiction offering, who along with her love interest Sanjay Pathak, is preparing for her UPSC exam. While both are extremely motivated towards their joint goal of becoming IAS officers, the show captures the dynamics between the two families after Paragi clears her exam with flying colors and Sanjay doesn’t.

Akshita Mudgal aka Paragi spoke to India Forums during a quick conversation and when we asked her how the show tries to break some stereotypes that exist about man v/s woman and patriarchy at large and how would she say concerns her. She tells us, ”Yes it does and this is actually the best part about the show; through the storyline, we actually want to break the stereotype around man v/s woman. We want to show that it is not true that only women should be ahead and men should be behind but the point of our show is that women too, must be given the opportunity to spread their wings, she should have the right to choose her career or what she wants to do in life and she should have that freedom.”

She adds, ”If a girl moves ahead, she doesn’t move ahead alone but she in fact, does take her entire family along and that is the moto of the show; one shouldn’t consider women as weak and they must be given the liberty to do what they want and a girl can balance household and the country at the same time. I think this is a very huge issue which exists in our society and we see that around us as to how people think that women are meant to take care of the house and that is not how it should be.”

Along with Akshita, the show also features Hitesh Bhardwaj in the lead role and so far, it has been receiving decent reviews for the story it has taken on.